04 July 2012

Montpoupon in pictures

I got busy this morning and now it's really late. I had to hang out the laundry I did last night — the washing machine has a timer we set so that it runs at about 2 a.m., when electricity rates are lower. It was supposed to rain today, but so far the sun is shining. I guess putting laundry out on the line is tempting fate, but I did it anyway.

The farm buildings that house the Auberge du Château de Montpoupon,
seen from the courtyard/terrace of the château itself

The farmhouse at Montpoupon where the restaurant is located

The other day (Sunday) at Montpoupon, I somehow got strange options set in my camera's labyrinth of menus (has that ever happened to you?), so I spent a couple of hours this morning trying to correct and improve some of the photos in Photoshop. I'm not sure I was very successful. I still have to figure out the camera's settings. Maybe I'll reset it to factory defaults and start over again.

Montpoupon seen up close from the road below

The courtyard/terrace of the château de Montpoupon, showing
(l. to r.) the Renaissance gatehouse, a medieval tower, and
the main building containing the living quarters

So... I really enjoyed visiting Montpoupon, and I took a lot of pictures — many of them bad. But I'm going to publish a few of the salvageable ones. There are four in this post. That's Walt sitting by the well in the middle of that last picture.


  1. I like the dramatic contrast in the clouds in the last picture, of the château.
    We may be heading to the Tours area again for a weekend, in August. We'll let you know. We'd like to see you.

  2. I like the occasional "twisted" picture you put up Ken... for some reason they suit the blog... it could be the black background.
    Meteociel reckons we have until about 2pm to get outdoor work done and the washing dry.

  3. Happy fourth of July. Are hotdogs and baked beans on your menu?

    Happy fourth to all your regular readers who are American.

  4. Happy Fourth to you too, Carolyn

  5. fantastic environment..would be love to live there...

  6. Thanks, Carolyn. Happy 4th to you and other Americans here.

    The last photo is terrific, Ken. Your camera was set well for it. Good luck with getting your camera where you want it to be.

    Is the Tour de France coming nearby this year?

  7. Evelyn

    Apart from the time trial Bonneval- Chartres, it seems that they will miss the Centre this year :
    Time for the sprinters to get up in the ranking positions!

  8. Wow wow wow, you have captured the sky so beautifully in those photos! Great, Ken, just great :))

    Happy 4th!


  9. Happy 4th!
    Think the pictures came out fine. Like the one with the different ages of buildings :-).

  10. Beautiful. It looks like a lot of the places I'm seeing while watching Le Tour de France.

  11. Beaver, thanks for the route map. The tour will be in Rambouillet on the last day- I love the scenery there.

  12. Is Montpoupon unusual in having furnished and presumably livable rooms on display? I always thought the historic chateaux were just the buildings, empty of human effects. They look like very interesting rooms.


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