30 July 2012

Decidedly less pleasant

I woke up at seven, still in semi-darkness, to the sound of big fat raindrops going splat splat splat on the Velux windows. This photo from yesterday morning's walk was a foreshadowing of what was to come.

Bang goes the tilling I planned to do out in the garden this morning. I couldn't do it yesterday because of Sunday noise restrictions in the village. Maybe tomorrow. I guess I'll go defrost the freezer this morning. Feels like a good day for that kind of work.

July goes out like a cold fish.

High temperature today: about 70ºF (21ºC). End of July! Good-bye July; it was nice to know you — but you won't be missed. As I've said, the weather was very pleasant for a couple of days there. Hurry up, August, and play nice.


  1. We had a lovely week last week here in Derbyshire - rather disappointing since I was back to work !!
    It changed yesterday and we got caught in a heavy shower when we were out on the motorcycles. I could see "precipitation" on the horizon and hoped to make it home before we got soaked but we were too late.
    Not only that - it was, believe it or not - hail !! Cold, wet and dangerous on a bike, not to mention painful !! That's UK weather for you - hail at the end of July - then later the sun came out and we had a bbq, just because you never know when you will next get the chance !!

  2. Ken, I was surprised to read your freezer isn't a self-defrosting one. I am so glad to not have to deal with that job. At least you had a cool day in July to tackle it.

    Mary in Oregon

  3. Mary, our refrigerator-freezer (a Samsung model) in the kitchen is self-defrosting (frost-free) but the chest freezer down in the utility room has to be emptied annually and defrosted manually. And guess what — I didn't do it yesterday after all.


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