29 July 2012

Very pleasant

It's 14ºC outside this morning. When Bert came and meowed at the door leading to the terrace at 6:15, I was surprised at how chilly the air felt when I let him in. Yesterday was a very pleasant day — much cooler than the previous days, but still plenty warm.

Bertie posing for the camera

What Evelyn said in a blog comment yesterday about her daughter's poodle and her own cat really boosted my optimism. Only recently, she said, the poodle has stopped harassing the cat, and that after three years of interaction.

The closeup

At this point, Callie hasn't quite stopped hovering over Bert and lunging at him, but she has definitely become less crazed about it. Bertie doesn't run away any more; he just hunkers down. I'm hoping that by next summer the two will be friends. Bertie is ready. Callie is mellowing. Please tell me it's possible.

Attracted by something in the distance

Bertie the black cat is six years old now. That makes him a year older than Callie the border collie. On many recent afternoons, Callie has spent her time down in the utility room, lying on the cool concrete floor staring into the garage. I think she's waiting for Bert to come in.

Things — and cats — are looking up!

What Callie hasn't realized on those days is that Bertie is up on the terrace or in the living room with Walt and me. He's getting his human contact while Callie is enjoying some peace, quiet, and coolness on the dog days of summer. Now that temperatures have fallen, that pattern might change.


  1. Just imagine this scene: Winter 2012-2013, Ken and Walt sitting on the sofa in front of the woodstove, with Callie dozing at their feet and Bertie on Walt's lap, purring his little heart out with pleasure. No more growling, barking or drooling. Utopia? I don't think so, because Bertie and Callie are definitely making progress. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!;) Martine

  2. I like the way you and Walt are concerned for both Callie's and Bertie's wellbeing. If Callie is waiting for Bertie to come home, that's a good sign.

  3. Rosie will lunge now and then, but Bella hunkers down like Bert and stands her ground.

    Did you know that our Francophile friend, Merv has a grand niece competing in gymnastics today in the Olympics? Her name is Kayla Ross.

  4. i think it'll be fine between Callie & Mr B.....it just takes a very long time......my female cat took many months to accept the new kitty who I brought into the family last summer and now she rubs heads with him, but she will still growl at him if he crosses the line & teases too much.....Bertie started out a pretty mellow guy so he was easy to convince ...Callie is a smart cookie & didnt want to share ur attention right away....now perhaps she realizes he is here to stay & is even getting into the routine of seeing him daily & will be looking for him....i feel optimistic

  5. Bertie is such a beautiful cat! He looks so happy and peaceful there on your terrace. I also am hopeful that peace and friendship will come eventually. As everyone else says, I'm surely hoping for that outcome!

    Donna in SF

  6. Bravo, Martine ! Let's hope this dream comes true ;-)


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