20 July 2012


Yesterday was mostly nice, but it's really raining this morning. So here I am at my computer. And here are a couple of shots of some of the work Walt did.

Making some headroom so mowing under this
old « sapin de Noël » will be easier.

My next job is tilling up two more garden plots, where we'll plant greens, chard, carrots, and turnips for harvesting in November. Since the summer garden is small this year, we're hoping for an autumn bounty.


  1. Ahhh... so green! That's what it looks like up here in Vermont, too :))

  2. Is that fruit on the tree on the right?

  3. Your yard looks very green - who would believe this was a July photo? Weird rainy summer. The summer here, too, has had a marine layer so yesterday there were bouts of heavy rain, scattered rain and then just cloudy...

    Mary in Oregon

  4. Starman, the tree on the right is a linden/lime tree, a tilleul. No fruit, but the flowers can be used to make an herbal beverage or tisane.

    Judy, hope you are enjoying Vermont. Near Burlington?

    Mary, we again had significant rain this morning. People around the village were talking about the Friday phenomenon, because we had heavy rain last Friday too. Today wasn't that bad.

  5. Green green green....this is what our little corner of the world looks like too...(Bellingham, WA). Woke up this morning to more rain....so the garden work I was going to do will have to wait until.....maybe tomorrow?....I hope. But we were afforded a beautiful sunny day yesterday.

    Love your blog.....don't mind the word verification at all.....especially if it makes your email inbox less frustrating.

    I understand how it can be with a blog....my husband...Gene...writes, takes photos and comes up with ideas for caseysworlds....so your words sound familiar. But like you he keeps it going....and I love the chronicle of our lives it provides.



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