23 July 2012

Great weather

We're having fine weather this week. I have to go out and dig up another tree stump. And do other chores. After the walk with Callie, of course.

Familiar image


  1. Hello Ken

    Yesterday whilst we were walking towards a bridge linking an island to the mainland @ Spruce Head in Maine, we saw a gentleman getting rid of his stump in his front yard "the old fashion way" like he said : burning it down - I guess he did not want to use an axe or couldn't use one - he was in his sunday garb on top of that.

    BTW: The first woman astronaut Sally Ride died today - she was still young .

  2. Beaver, we've burned out one stump in the past, but these seemed just too wet to burn. The second one will come out of the ground today or tomorrow. Enjoy Maine.


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