01 May 2012

Le temps va changer

"The weather is going to change." That's what MétéoFrance is telling us. Just in time, too. We'll be traveling elsewhere starting on Friday. I hope the friend who will be house- and dog-sitting for us will have some sunshine and be able to enjoy sitting outside. After all, they say: « En mai, fais ce qu'il te plaît. » — "In May, do whatever makes you happy."

Above, yesterday's weather on the rue de la Renaudière

I went out walking with Callie yesterday afternoon, as usual. There was a hard shower late in the day, so we waited. The rain stopped. We walked out a good way into the vineyard, splashing and squishing as we went. Then the rain started again. By the time we got home, I was soaked. My raincoat and hood protected my torso and head, but my jeans were as wet as if I had gone swimming in them. Callie was that wet too.

The wild orchids out on the edge of the vineyard
are pretty happy with this wet weather.

Callie is obviously bored. She'd like to be outside a lot more. Bertie the black cat is bored too. He spends much of his time sleeping, only going out to hunt between the downpours. Day before yesterday he brought us a mouse, which he ate after we admired it.

Callie waiting indoors for the weather to clear up

All the vegetation seems to be behind schedule. I haven't been able to do any tilling. When we get back from our two-week trip, I suppose spring will have really burst out. But the vegetable garden... it's been impossible to work the ground or plant anything outside. We'll have to do our best to get some things planted in late May.


  1. I had the same problem last year with the dry. My conclusion is that so long as you get stuff in before the end of June it will be OK. I am waiting for the ground to get less squidgy so I can plant potatoes, but last year some of them went in much later and they were fine.

  2. I feel exactly the same. Our animals are bored too and everything has been in stasis... here's to improvements!

  3. Susan left us just in time yesterday.
    When the heavens opened, the clouds dumped 21.9mm of water.
    Since Tim emptied the visual gauge of its contents eight days ago, we've had over 10cm of rain.
    Our potatoes will have to be given swimming l3essons before they get planted.

  4. Sorry, that should read "lessons"

  5. We got 77 mm of precipitation in April — 3 inches. That's pretty good. Now that the ground is wet, it would be nice if the sun came out and warmed things up a little.

  6. Wow, first we've heard of this trip, eh? Glad for you two to get to travel together!

  7. I hope you have lots of sunshine Elsewhere (I hear it's a very nice place). I have been fantasizing lately about the joy of getting completely drenched in a warm downpour. It hasn't happened to me in years. I have a feeling my memory is making it seem sweeter than it really is.

  8. Mitch, warm rain was something I missed in San Francisco, after having lived in North Carolina and Washington DC. Here in the Loire Valley, we get warm rain once in a while, but not often at all. I guess where you are in Sevilla the problem is not having much rain at all?

  9. Judy, we're going to Albany and the surroundings. First time for me since 2006, and for Walt since 2009. It'll be a good time. I plan to go to N.C. in late October.

  10. Wonderful, Ken! I thought maybe a joint trip to the U.S. was in the works, because of some comment you made a little while ago. Enjoy! We know Callie and Bertie will miss you, but will be glad to have a house sitter!


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