05 May 2012


Okay, I've been awake for 25 hours now, and I've eaten at least half a dozen times. The important thing is that I am safely on American soil, and I've enjoyed every one of those 25 hours — especially the last six. More as it develops...

A last view of France (for a couple of weeks)
from the window of a 747

And a view of what we left behind on Friday — picture taken
at a train station café where we had breakfast

Here's Walt either snoozing or watching the TV screen.
The Air France 747 wasn't even half full, so we could
spread out and enjoy a smooth flight.

A first view of North America: the Newfoundland coastline


  1. Have a GREAT trip and hopefully the weather will be nice again when you guys get back..

    Alex and I would LOVE to come for a visit.. It's been WAYYYYY to long!

    Hugs to you both... Leesa

  2. Glad to know you both made it safely to this side of the "grande bleue."

    Have a safe trip to Albany. And, remember, even though they speak some kind of English, they drive the same side of the road as in France.

    I'll be with you in my thoughts for everything.

  3. Ken:
    Even your photos from the window of a plane are beautiful! Looking forward to hearing your stories. Can't believe you had an empty flight. So rare these days. Continued pleasant and safe travels.

  4. We're glad you had a safe and enjoyable journey. How did you manage a half-full Air France flight?
    Inquiring minds need to know!

    We're having fabulous weather here, like summer, and everything is in bloom--several seasons at once, in fact. Your timing is perfect. Have a wonderful time.

  5. The travel gods must be with you- a half full flight is so rare!

    Those newspaper headlines could be seen in our elections also- the "values" business seems like a code to divide rather than unite folks.

  6. Wow, such fun to get real-time updates actually from the plane! I, too, am amazed that you had a half-full plane--great!

  7. Lucky you a half full plane! I didn't know that happened any more these days!

  8. A half full would have been nice - no such luck for us for the 17 hour Singapore to Paris leg but so pleased to be here now.
    Have a great trip to you both.

  9. The Gods were with you, making sure you had a relaxing, enjoyable flight across the ocean! Pretty unusual to be able to feel like you had a private plane to scoot you on your vacation.

    The sun is out today after a very heavy rain that came and went yesterday. Temps should continue to climb from a low 70's today to close to 80 tomorrow. Pétanque, here I come!

    Mary in Oregon

  10. How lucky you are to get such a flight. I guarantee ours will be over-booked in August.

  11. wow! and how fun we'll be in the same time zone! hope you have a great stay and wont have to use your new drivers license (if you get pulled over!).

    i'm superexcited about what "new" cultural things strike you on this trip, if anything. it seems to be a bit nutty here.... i dunno if its a carolina thing but i just made a big plate of fried pies. ;-)

  12. Candy and John05 May, 2012 21:52

    Welcome to the US! Wish we were on the same coast.....Candy

  13. Now we all have to adjust our expectations for when you will post. Welcome to the US Ken and Walt.


  14. Welcome back, just in time for the super-close moon, if it's clear. Have a great trip, and we'll be interested to know what you see as different, new, good, not-good. Glad there's sunshine for your Callie-sitter.


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