16 May 2012

L'Église Saint-Édouard à Montréal

After walking several miles around the central sections of Montréal last Friday, on Saturday morning we took the car out for a drive up to the top of the Mont Royal and through northern and eastern parts of the city. At the intersection of the rue Saint-Denis and the rue Beaubien, we saw a beautiful church and decided to stop and go inside.

L'Eglise Saint-Edouard on the rue Saint-Denis in Montréal

L'Eglise Saint-Edouard, about 100 years old, is beautiful inside and out. We weren't disappointed. The church is named after Edward the Confessor, who was king of England from 1047 to 1066, when William Conqueror (a.k.a. Guillaume le Bâtard) won the battle of Hastings and England became a Norman conquest.

A plaque on the church says it was consecrated in 1945, but Wikipedia says in was built between the 1890s and the 1930s. When we were inside taking pictures, an organist was practicing playing the wedding march ("here comes the bride"). The church was empty, as you can see, but a wedding must have been scheduled for later in the day. There was a woman running a vacuum cleaner too.

Above are three pictures I took inside the church. When we left, we drove a few blocks north to walk around in one of Montreal's biggest outdoor markets, le marché Jean-Talon.


  1. It's a good thing for us that you stopped in to see this church-the colors of the ceiling are unusual and beautiful.

    I guess the wedding march is played in Canada- that was a bonus for you!

  2. Hi Ken,
    I didn't go and see Rue St-Denis but Franck and I drove along it when coming back from Ottawa... So, I didn't visit this church which is very beautiful ! Neither did I go to Marché JEAN TALON, but I'll go there next time I visit my son :-)

  3. Mary07, the church and the market are worth a visit. I'm sorry we didn't get to see Franck, but the schedule got away from us. By the way, The Beaver is not a Mr. but a Ms.

    Evelyn, yes, we thought it was funny that the wedding march was being played while we were in the church


  4. Hey, maybe you'll surprise us and announce that you two got married while in Vermont! (Well, or maybe New York!) :)) (Sorry, I used to hate it when people/students asked me alllllllllllll the time, "Are you two ever getting married???" :))

    That's a great church, and I wish I had seen it my one day in Montréal. Like Evelyn, I really liked the colorful ceiling. Last summer, I had a choice between going to a convention in D.C., or going to one in Montréal, and I actually chose D.C.-- I had been longing to go on vacation to D.C. as an adult, especially to see the art museums and the Smithsonian again. I loved the trip!


  5. I had to come back and read Judith's comments of foretelling your wedding! Well done, Judy!

    Well done, Ken and Walt!

    Mary in Oregon

  6. @ Judith

    I was laughing when I saw your msg yesterday but didn't want to say anything.

  7. Mes excuses à Ms Beaver :-)

    With some bises if she accepts them !


  8. It's pretty amazing to read about St-Édouard and Loire Valley on the same page - I lived close to the Jean-Talon Market in Montréal for 27 years and, as a matter of fact, my church was St-Edouard. A fantastic church, with lot of energy and were a great community meets every Sunday -- it's a bless to get married there. Then, after all those years, I moved... in the Loire Valley! Not in St-Aignan, which is one of the prettiest village in our region, but close to Tours. Last time we visited the Beauval Zoo... our astonishment get to St-Aignan...! So... Many thanks for sharing all this, it makes me feel part of another community, a spirited one.


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