27 May 2012

Getting behind

I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted. The trip to the States and Canada has nearly done me in. It was so much fun, but we were never idle for even a moment. And this past week, since we got back, has been just as busy. Tons of laundry to do. Lunch in Montrichard. Dinner with friends Friday night. Zoom zoom zoom.

The weather suddenly turned warm and humid. This time of year, the sun is so strong that when it peeks through the clouds the temperature rises quickly. And the hours of daylight are very long. Yesterday afternoon thunderstorms threatened, and it did rain some, but we didn't get the hail that weather forecasters warned us about.

Portrait of Bertie the black cat

We haven't even begun to plant our vegetable garden. Walt's got the lawn under control now — a solid month of rain from mid-April to mid-May certainly stimulated growth. There are shoulder-high weeds around the edges of the vegetable garden plots. And now, this morning, it's threatening to rain again, so it won't be easy to work out there.

Threatening skies yesterday afternoon

Callie and Bertie have settled back into their — our — routines. It's almost as if we never left them behind. They were well taken care of in our absence, and that made all the difference.

Stormy weather moving in from the southwest

And what's going on in France? People are out and about, busy and happy, because the weather has improved. The new president is out and about too, and he has a 61% approval rating with the public. His prime minister is the most popular holder of that office in many decades, with 65% positive opinion in the polls.

The good dinner cooked by Sue from Australia Friday night

The Cannes film festival is wrapping up today. The Roland Garros French Open international tennis tournament starts today in Paris. Before long, the Tour de France bicycle race will begin. It's summer already, and we hardly noticed it coming.


  1. I know what you mean. My sister and b-i-l have just left so it's back to the routine, but my veggie garden is in sore need of attention. All my little cucurbit seedlings and most of the tomatoes and aubergines have been eaten to the ground by slugs. Disaster!

  2. 61% approval for M. Ayrault's tainted reputation whilst mayor of Nantes. The change of party does not make much difference to the so-called elite past. Knives are already out for M.Hollande's partner, now First Lady.

  3. Ken

    Petit à petit you will get back into the chores of Summer but you won't forget this trip. Too many firsts for you ( like visiting Maine e.g) and then that memorable day, Thursday May 10th.

    So just take it one day at a time and hopefully the weather will cooperate as far as the garden and the harvest of its goodies in the fall are concerned.

    A good Rosé will be nice when the sun is too strong :-) whilst watching all those sporting events . There are also the Euro cup and the Olympic games this year.

  4. Great green lawn (good job, Walt!) and surroundings:) Bertie looks mighty regal waltzing down that grey road.
    What was that dish that Sue made? I'm sure you mentioned it in a previous post, but I can't tell from the photo.
    Looks great!

  5. Judy, glad you asked. Sue, if you or Leon read this, can you give us the recipe for the chicken with couscous, and also the chocolate dessert? Hope you are enjoying Paris.

  6. Ooh, yes, please, Sue, give us ALL the recipe for chicken with couscous. It looks wonderful!

    It took a few secs, but I, too, found Bertie strolling down the lane like he owned it! Your yard looks great - even if the garden isn't planted yet. Walt and you aren't procrastinators that I can tell - you put me to shame.

    Mary in Oregon

  7. Love La Tour de France, especially since I get to see it live online.

  8. Yes, please, for the recipe of chicken with couscous, although I'll substitute quinoa.
    Love the picture of Bertie surveying his domain, master of all he surveys.


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