19 May 2012

Hello from Hyannis...

...and a memory from Montreal.

A boiled lobster at the market in Montreal

A memory from the whole Northeast, really. A week ago we were in Montreal, walking through the big, colorful Marché Jean-Talon. Today, after an evening in Provincetown and a night in Hyannis, on Cape Cod, we're headed for Boston's Logan airport. I for one am looking forward to getting off the plane in Paris tomorrow morning.


  1. And to getting home to dear
    Callie, I'm sure.

  2. Bet you'll get a rapturous welcome from Callie and Bertie:-)

    Lobster is just one of those quintessential New England things for me.

    Safe travels home.

  3. Well, it sure seems like you got a taste of a great many good places in New England and this trip seemed like a good one for you, in all respects :) Getting home to one's own bed and one's own pets is a nice thing, though, isn't it :)


  4. Oh, yum! Lobster is a treat I never turn down.

    I'm so glad I can post again. Wasn't able to do it for about a week, so maybe something got ironed out in OS X Lion.

  5. Please, please bring some summer with you!

  6. Ken

    Y and I are in DC since last night - the crossing was the smoothest one I have had since 2001.

    We are enjoying the hot weather here in the 80's and will be returning home in rain and thunderstorms

    Bon Voyage to both of you and a good pat to Callie on my behalf. She will be happy to see yoy


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