18 May 2012

White or brown?

Walt and I will be leaving the land of white eggs this weekend. We'll return to the land of brown eggs. We love both. I mean the lands and the eggs.

Eggs for sale at the Marché Jean-Talon in Montréal

I've seen white eggs in France only once over the past nine years. That time was in Loches, where a farmer had a mix of white and brown eggs to sell. Otherwise, tous les œufs sont bruns là-bas. Brown or white on the outside, all eggs are pretty much the same inside. N'est-ce pas ?


  1. I've learned that there are chickens that lay greenish and blue-ish colored eggs, too! A local farmer used to sell them around here, and the box contained eggs of many different shades. The carton showed the different kinds of chickens that the different colors came from.

    I'm pretty sure that I used to buy white eggs in Paris, Ken!


  2. Judy, I don't remember eggs back then. My memory isn't what it used to be... Now what was I saying?

  3. As far as I can remember in mid 20th century [!], eggs were mostly white in France. Brown eggs were the minority. But now... Please, do not think I am being racist! [LOL]

    Ken, you should try crossword puzzles to improve your memory or soude-au-cul.

  4. Been living here (France) since '72 and it's been brown eggs all the time. Except, around Easter time this year, I saw white eggs at our local Franprix. Haven't seen any egg dye paraphernalia though.

  5. There is supposed to be a difference, but I can't remember what it might be.

  6. Brown eggs are meant to be down to the breed... allegedly.
    A friend of ours in the UK has a breed that lays the blue-green eggs referred to by Judy... very nice, with rich, tasty orangey-yellow yolks.
    The chucks look pretty too!

  7. i laughed a lot about this. my hens lay eggs of just about all colors including a lovely light green. my city friends wont eat the brown, beige, cream, or light pale brick colored ones.... only the white ones. i think its a little silly - they are all delicious.

  8. Hi OhioFarmGirl, I have an American friend who comes to France for a month every summer. He too doesn't want to eat brown eggs. He says eggs are supposed to be white. When I was growing up, they said brown eggs were better than white ones. That wasn't true — the eggs are the same, all other things being equal.

  9. My memory isn't great either, Ken, but I think I remember my dad candling both white and brown eggs to be used in the same box. What I'm meaning to say is that in the fifties the eggs weren't separated in the cartons.

    Do any of you remember when the eggs were mixed in the cartons and no one seemed to mind?


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