12 May 2012

Tulips in Washington Park

One of Albany's springtime attractions is the millions of tulips that bloom in the city's Washington Park. The annual tulip festival is taking place this weekend. We're in Montréal right now, so we're missing it.

We didn't really miss out on the tulips, however, because we spent some time exploring the park an taking pictures on a couple of days this past week. Washington Park is on ground that has been a public space — parade grounds, town square, etc. — in Albany since 1686. It covers 33 hectares / 81 acres and includes 2-hectare / 5-acre lake.

The essentially residential neighborhoods that surround the park are also historic, with many fine houses in interesting architectural styles. The whole area has been designated as the Washington Park Historic District.

That's Moses in the background in the top picture.

The park as it exists today was laid out in the 1870s by designers who had worked with Frederick Law Olmsted to create New York City's Central Park. Because of recent rains, it's especially green right now. The tulips, which bloomed early after an unusually mild winter, are not as spectacular as they might be, but still...


  1. Washington Paris? Is that a freudian slip? That big pink tulip is a beauty.

  2. Hello from Montréal. Yes, Tim, that was an interesting typo. I slapped that post together really fast yesterday so that Walt could use the computer. It's a pain having only one computer while we travel.

    Mitch, Montréal is amazing. I has changed greatly since we were last here in 1984.

  3. We are hoping to take a stroll the park on Sunday with Harvey and Mom. I hope the tulips have stayed as vibrant as they are in these pics.

  4. Hi Sean, hope you have good weather for the park visit. It's supposed to be summery in Montréal today.


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