27 October 2007

Forest fairies

One final post from Saint-Aignan for now: I'll be posting at my U.S. travels blog starting next week, if I can.

Yesterday I took the dog out for her afternoon walk. We wandered through the rows of vines and ended up out on the paved road that is the Route Touristique.

Rows of vines with brown leaves after the first frost of the season

As we walked, I noticed a spot of bright red color off in the woods, maybe 30 yards/meters from the road. There wasn't much undergrowth right there, so we went to see what it was. It was strange, that's what it was.

I don't know who would have put these stuffed figures and the doll out in the woods, tied to trees, but the sign says: "I am Blondine, the fairy of the forest. Don't touch me. I will bring you happiness. Thank you." Well it almost says that, with one mistake in the "I will bring you happiness" part -- it says "I would bring you happiness." And they don't even really celebrate Halloween here!

Our house with the nicely trimmed hedge, thanks to Walt
26 October 2007

Callie waiting patiently to be let in through the front gate
26 October 2007


  1. Is the last word on that message, "merci"? This time of year must bring out the spook or magic in us. The fairy figure has doll hands and feet I think. What a strange thing to find in your woods.

    I hope you'll be able to continue blogging from here.

  2. Hi Ken !

    Nothing really to do with Hallow'een. (grin)

    It has everything to do with Sophie Rostopchine, though - aka La Comtesse de Ségur, she was one of the most famous and classical tellers of tales for French children.

    Amerloque recalls reading "Blandine et la Fée Caprice" to his daughter many, many years ago. (He also remembers reading "Blandine, Bonne Biche et Beau Minon", too, so perhaps both tales were in one of her collections.)

    With her friends, Amerloque's pre-teen daughter put stuffed figures in the forests, very much like the ones shown. (smile)


  3. Ken, I would be completely freaked out if I found those in the woods. It looks more like voodoo than a re-enactment of a fairy tale teller's pre-teen daughter's caprices. Happy Halloween indeed!

  4. I think I probably would have run like heck if I saw those things in the woods. Does anyone remember Blair Witch????


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