20 October 2007

Strike continues, and so does life

According to the news, yesterday was worse than Thursday for people who needed to get into and get around in Paris. Traffic jams around the Paris region were a lot worse. A lot of metro, RER, and bus lines were running only at very reduced rates or not at all.

View across the vineyards in autumn toward La Renaudière

What happened on Thursday, I think, is that a lot of people decided it was going to be a fun day. They took the day off from work, kept their kids home from school, walked or rode bikes to get around in the nice weather, and made impromptu car-pool arrangements. It was kind of a lark for many, I'm sure.

Callie hoping some more water might squirt out of the hose

Yesterday, Friday, was different. Everybody figured it was over and people tried to resume normal activities and routines. So big traffic tie-ups resulted from all those people who decided to drive on into Paris, with one person per vehicle. Problem was, too, that the unions didn't quite cooperate. And all the people who wanted to jump on trains, metros, and buses were caught off guard — the workers on some lines were still on strike. Reality set in, as it always does.

A close shot of that October 18 sunset at La Renaudière

Oh well. The reality here was hedge trimming and garden tilling. And working with Callie in the yard. Callie loves to chase and bark at wheelbarrows, lawnmowers, and rototillers. We are teaching her to sit quietly and ignore such distractions. Then I got out the garden hose, and found out she really likes to play in and with the spray of water that comes out the nozzle.

Enjoying the drops falling on her nose

I kind of knew about the dog's taste for playing in water. Twice she has taken us by surprise and jumped into ponds to paddle around a little bit. Then a few weeks ago I went out to wash down the car and she got interested in the hose spray. She snaps at it, trying to catch the water in her mouth.

Walt trimming the long hedge

She ended up soaking wet the other day, but it didn't matter. The weather was warm and dry. And we were getting ready to go out for a long walk anyway. By the time we got home, she had had time to dry out.


  1. i rescued my dog, miss acey amapola tompkins, from the mother-in-law of the heroin king of bushwick, who kept her outdoors all year round -- never mind. but so the minute i get her home (washignton d.c.) i take her for a walk in montrose park and down to the dog beach by the creek. a much abused dog who'd never even had enough water in her bowl, much less seen a body of water, she jumped in and swam with the biggest grin on her face i've ever seen a dog grin.
    i love this story of miss callie enjoying the beauties of water, thanks. i love the pictures too, of the changing seasons and your chores in the yard.

  2. I love the Callie stories also. Border collies seem to know how to enjoy life. I didn't know that they liked water so much- the dripping water photo is pretty funny.

    Doing those chores this year must be a bit more tolerable with Callie to entertain you.

  3. In French, you do say un temps de chien for wet weather! ;)

    That sunset photo is just fantastic


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