22 July 2015

Tiny flowers

The weather reports and sites we look at said we might get some rain overnight. We didn't. Twenty-four hours ago they were predicting 14 mm — more than half an inch. Then they scaled it back to 5 mm during the day. As it turns out, they could have scaled it back to zero. And it's still hot, outside and inside.

One of the great things about today's digital cameras is the way they let you see and examine very small things, like flowers, that you could never really see so clearly before. Look at the flower above. How big do you think it is in reality?

Well, here it is
with the toe of my shoe
in the picture
to show you
how small
the flower
actually is.

Click or tap on the images to display them at full size, for a better view. And remember I've downsized them by half to be able to import them into the blog.
 Here is another example. When I stop to take photos like these, Callie gets a chance to do some serious sniffing around during our walks around the vineyard.

I took these photos with my Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ60 pocket-size camera. (It's called the ZS40 in North America.)


  1. I'm not surprised at the quality of these photos, because the Lumix camera is really great. Even my old one does perform equally.

  2. Lovely pix...
    but the first... Field Bindweed or Lisseron des Champs...
    very pretty, but an absolute pest in the potager!!
    But I selectively mow around the Chicory plants...
    the colour is wonderful... even if it barely makes it to midday at the moment...
    a flood of it is even better...
    one of our local graziers rotates his cattle around four or five fields...
    they've been off the one next the road now for about three weeks...
    it has become a sea of chicory blue!!

  3. Excellent photos! But I think the commenter above is right about the bindweed. So difficult to eliminate. A terrible weed.


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