07 July 2015

Summer skies

I was feeling especially optimistic yesterday, and wordy. Today, I'm quieter. Here are some recent Saint-Aignan skies.

I took these when I went for my walk with the dog Sunday morning. The tiny bit of rain we got was refreshing.

This morning we are back to full sunshine. It was hot again yesterday — about 30ºC.

Summer continues. This must be the driest weather we've had in several years.


  1. The thunderstorm with slow-release rain that is passing over you now....
    bubbled up from absolutely nowhere in the Vienne...
    it dumped a much needed 4.8mm on us and the potager!!
    That saves watering...
    Keep well, love the pix at the moment...

    1. Thanks, Tim. Good for you for the rain. We are getting a few drops and some distant thunder at the moment. No wind at all. It feels muggy.

  2. Yesterday afternoon at 5pm was 39C in our potager. That's the hottest and sweatiest I've been for a long time. It was still unpleasantly hot at 8pm when I went out to take the washing off the line. We've had a millimetre or two of rain this morning (immediately after I watered...)

  3. Here in Pennsylvania we're having monsoon weather. It rains every day, off and on, with occasional sun. No way could we hang laundry outdoors. Even indoors it takes days to dry.

    I've never known a summer like this. Boy, is it green!

  4. Same here, Carolyn (in St. Louis). Never had so much rain in a summer. I have only watered the tomatoes ONCE since we planted them. It's raining right now. It rained so suddenly and so hard yesterday, that our creek went from almost dry to looking like a whitewater rafting experienc :) We're expecting lots of storms in the next few days, too, I believe.

  5. In Poland it is also very hot and sunny above 35 in the shade... African heat...just summer

  6. We would love the rain out in California....

  7. Carolyn and Judy, I didn't know it was so damp there. It's weirdly dry here — kind of like California in summer, C in Calif. We'll see what the rest of the summer brings, at least in PA, MO, and the Loire Valley. I'm afraid California will have to wait longer for a change in the weather.

  8. Ken, those photos of the sky are amazing! I am immediately going to contact my artist friend, Joanna, who has been working on a watercolor of Oregon that had various sky/cloud/sun/rain changes happening every few minutes. Perhaps your photos will be of interest to her in her travaille!

    Yesterday and today we have a had a reprieve (although the forecast is mid 90's I'm hoping they're wrong - again!) and it is only 71 right now (10:30 a.m.) and I have had to close most of my doors and windows because it feels so chilly. We haven't had anything but a trace of precip last week and I think that goes back almost a month. Not our typical Oregon weather.

    Mary in Oregon

  9. I worry that I am too often wordy. Don't worry, you aren't :)
    I love taking photos of the skies and clouds. My husband used to tease me and say that I never saw a sky before.
    I love your photos. They are like ... I never saw a sky before :)


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