17 September 2019

Un coucher de soleil

Yesterday's sunset was pretty nice. Our weather is hot again — at least the afternoons are hot, with temperatures near 30ºC. And it's so dry it could make you cry. According to the Accuweather web site, we've had just three millimeters of rain in September. That's about a tenth of an inch.

On the national news yesterday, one of the regular weather forecasters reported that much of France has had no significant rain for the past 36 days. The last time that happened was in 1953. And we also had 26 straight days without significant rain starting last June 15, and we got a total of 3 mm of rain in all of July. August was "wetter" — 8 millimeters of rain fell. Normally, we would get about 50 mm of rain in July, 50 mm in August, and again 50 mm in September. We are wondering if the rains will soon return with a vengeance, and whether we might wash away this winter.


  1. Replies
    1. Merci, Thierry. J'espère que tout va bien de ton côté. Ici, c'est trop sec. Trop de poussière. Mais le raisin aime ça.

  2. Lovely picture, with the vanishing line way off to the left side.

    1. I was lucky to open the blind and look out when I did.

  3. Heavenly photo, the drought comes from the opposite place- l'enfer. Our drought this year is so depressing- sorry you're having one too. Maybe we'll get normal weather in 2020.

  4. Really great pinks, cobalt and oranges in that photo. Maybe el Nino will head your way and create some rain.

  5. May you have many similarly glorious sunsets for the rest of the year, and no drought.


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