09 September 2019

Du vin bleu ?

When you see the color of the so-called "red wine" grapes out in the vineyard,
you have to wonder why it isn't called "blue wine" instead of red.

The grapes below might be used in making "pink wine" — du vin rosé.

Les vendanges — the grape harvest — haven't started yet. Meanwhile, it feels like things here might be getting back to normal, after our long, hot, dry summer. All we need now is a string of rainy days to make us feel at home again.


  1. The rose grapes are just beautiful! That cluster is pink, lavender, celadon...and condensation to boot. Since it has been so dry, this will no doubt be a good year for the wines.

  2. Those grapes are beautiful, let the harvest begin!

  3. The blue ones in particular look so good that I'm craving grapes now. ;) Great pocs. Ken, thank you!


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