22 November 2013

Fog, but greens and reds too

Here's the view out the back window just a couple of days ago. You can see that there are still apples on the trees all around us. But the old stone shed out in the vineyard has almost disappeared into the fog.

We've also had more rain and chillier temperatures, but no significant freeze or frost yet. Yesterday morning, it was raining so hard that Callie didn't want to go for her walk. We went outside and she did her morning business, but when I tried to get her to walk down the road she looked at me with a forlorn expression.

We just came back home, after five minutes in the rain. Rain means everything is green now, and there's a patch of grass that Callie enjoys nibbling on when she goes outside. See, we still have flowers, this late in November. Those are called capucines in French.

Walt posted a closeup view of some of these rows of red-leaved vines a few days ago.

My computer has been running fine since I opened it up and vacuumed it out yesterday morning. In fact, the noise was gone before I took the vacuum cleaner to it. I don't know what was wrong with it. Maybe it was just having a moan, as our English friends say. I expect the whining noise will come back sooner or later.


  1. Love the last view...
    similar lines to Walt's version...
    nice and curvy....
    and full of colour...
    lovely what a bit of sun does to the colours...
    can you hear me up there?
    I said we'd like a bit of sun!!
    Then we could have salads again... and you could use some of the capucine flowers and leaves... both taste wonderful in salads.

    and animals...
    My old BC, Jake, used to give me withering looks if I mowed "his patch" of grass accidentally... and the current cats have a patch just by the back door... it is in a b'stard position to mow, so not as many sulks...
    but boy! Can cats sulk...
    you betcha!!

    Tim, I see a load of 2 TB external drives on amazon.fr for between 80 and 100 euros each. How much is that in pounds sterling?
    £67 to £83 at today's exchange rate...
    'Uro is worth 83p(ence) this morning.
    [Or 67 to 83 3.5" discs... when I last bought some anyway!
    or less than 50 3" discs for my old Amstrad!
    Always nice to have a standard to go by!!
    Even if it is so out of date...]
    I've recently noticed a 500GB rubber-coated titanium external [it's been coming up on the side bar adverts...]
    it used 4 of the solid state drives and can be dropped 20 metres without damage...
    just the thing to sling out of the window in an emergency.
    Cost you tho'... £2000!!

  2. I love the nasturtiums you still have blooming. In Hungarian the name is similar to the French because the flowers look like the hoods of the Capuchin monks. I hope your computer lasts a long time in good shape before making scary sounds!

  3. i second the love for the vineyard pic

  4. I did wonder when you mentioned noises from the computer whether just taking the vacuum cleaner to it might help. But I often find with a lot of machinery that just opening up the cover to have a look seems to comfort it into settling down again. It's the little things, that show you care......!

  5. Hi Ken, just catching up on our posts. I tried your simmered chicken, and it was wonderful! Merci pour la recette!

    Regarding your move to France, I recall telling Walt I was green with envy….I still am! You have made a wonderful life by following your dreams. I am glad to have a window into it through both of your blogs.


  6. Oops, that would be "your" posts!

  7. Hi Christine,

    Thanks for your nice comment. When are you coming back to

  8. Maybe it just needed cleaning.
    hahaha @ Autolycus.


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