27 November 2013

La fin des coings, et des petits pains

I tried but it didn't work out. I told my friend Jean in England that I would try to save her at least one quince from this fall's crop. I was optimistic, but one by one the quinces, les coings, developed brown spots and had to be used before they rotted entirely away. (Here's a link to Jean's blog.)

I noticed a couple of days ago that the last quince had developed a big brown bruise around its stem end. So it won't last until Christmas, which is when Jean and her husband Nick will be coming back to France. Sorry, Jean.

OhioFarmGirl, who blogs about her life on a farm and also comments on this blog, asked me if Walt and I really did have meatloaf sandwiches for lunch last Sunday. We did. I didn't take any pictures of the sandwiches, but I did take pictures of the beautiful buns, or petits pains, that Walt made.

He made pizza dough, actually, following writer Jim Lahey's method. That means making a fairly wet, sticky dough with just a quarter-teaspoon of yeast and letting it rise at room temperature for 18 hours. The long rise or fermentation gives the resulting pizza crust or bread good flavor and texture. The dough needs no kneading.

These petits pains were delicious, but we also really like the recipe I used to make hotdog buns a couple of weeks ago.That one has more yeast in it, and some egg. It rises for a shorter time and does require kneading (recipe and photos in this post). It wouldn't make pizza crust as good as Lahey's dough, but it does make good rolls or buns.


  1. Thanks for trying, Ken!
    The bread looks beautiful.

  2. Ton titre m'a fait penser à ce vieux proverbe français, "Oignez vilain, il vous point; poignez vilain, il vous oint."

  3. yay!! i knew hoped there would be sandwiches ;-) i had a baking day yesterday with bread as well.. but nothing like those spectacular rolls! i'm having my petit dejeuner while reading this. :-)

  4. CHM's proverbe means something like: "Cozy up to a snake and you'll probably get bit; show him you mean business and he'll leave you alone."

  5. That's exactly right. I didn't know what it was in English. I like your version.

  6. Greaaaaat looking bread buns Walt made. Oooh!

  7. Ken...
    thought you might like to see this bit that Kath & Rodger have put up today...

    [ http://kathandroger.wordpress.com/2013/11/26/la-crise-continues/ ]...

    they do voluntary work at the Restos and have commented from the inside as it were.

    And the buns look very scrummy... as I've just made some toast, the smell of baked bread lingers here...
    making the picture that bit more realistic.

  8. I've never tried to dough with a long rise like this one-the buns look very tasty.

    Thanks for translating the proverb, it would have taken me a while to figure that one out. Bet it works well with bullies and snakes, too.


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