10 November 2013


This is the view from our front windows these days. Or at least it was yesterday. We had high winds and heavy rains overnight, so a lot of the leaves you see in these pictures might now be on the ground.

Below is the view off the front deck. We're in the process of cleaning the deck up — bringing into the house plants we want to keep, and pulling out the others and adding them to the compost pile. We'll probably have frost and freezing temperatures soon.

From the kitchen window we can see the neighbors' house across the road. I don't know what the bush below is, but it's pretty right now. The neighbors don't live here year-round. They just spend the summer, and then they go back to their primary residence in Blois, 25 miles north of Saint-Aignan.

I'm not sure what to expect of the weather today. More rain, probably. I think by now we have had more rain in the first 10 days of November than we had in all of October — 74 mm, or 3 inches. The good news is that the roof over the kitchen is still not leaking after the summertime repair we had done.

P.S. Walt just checked the rain gauge. We got 21 mm more precipitation overnight. That brings us up to 81 since November 1. This is getting ridiculous.


  1. Ohio, I let a few days go by without answering your comment about the bracket for the tablet. I bought it from Amazon.fr. I'm sure Amazon.com would have something similar if not the same thing. It's stuck to the tile in the kitchen with double-sided adhesive tape and seems to be in no danger of coming unstuck.

    Melinda and Vera, we can't really keep that gap in the woods cut back. First of all, there's an electrified fence to keep us out of the woods and to keep deer out of the vineyard. And then it isn't our land. I'm not even sure who owns it.

    Thanks for your comments.

  2. "We got 21 mm more precipitation overnight. That brings us up to 81 since November 1."

    We only got 14.5 mm precipitation overnight.
    But that brings us up to 95.5 since November 1st...
    I echo your sentiment...
    'tis totally ridunkulus...
    we've still got spuds in the ground that I am desperate to lift!
    The fields are full of "ponds"...
    the idiot neighbour who cultivates right up to the bief has had the lowest part flooded twice...
    given the height of the bief, I'm really surprised that it isn't flooded now!!
    But other heavier rain further up the cachement would explain that...

    Our maples are beginning to colour nicely, tho'....
    but they aren't as goldy-orange as yours yet...
    still too much green.
    What is the shrub in the last photo, though?
    I've seen a lot around this autumn...
    but I've never noticed it before?
    Is it always this orange?

  3. Ken, I am passing through with my boyfriend today and would like to make a brief stop to say hello -- would this be ok or intrusive ? Yuri, longtime reader

  4. Miss Yuri, that is short notice! I'm afraid we're booked today. Next time, give us 48 hours notice... Hope you enjoy the area. Ken

  5. Tim, we've noticed that a lot of the rain has been falling south of us, so I suppose you've benefited. About that shrub, I don't remember noticing it being that orange in past years, but the memory is not what it used to be...

  6. We're mostly orange here in Alabama. We've got two great college football teams again, too.

  7. Thanks Ken. we are in Paris so will probably be around again and with proper notice!

  8. Beautiful orange :) Glad the roof repair seems to be holding!

  9. Obviously my horticulture ID classes didn't stick with me! I also do not remember any shrub with such vivid orange colors! Fabulous. Rain...not so much.

  10. Super, tous ces arbres ou arbrisseaux oranges ;-) Et contente que votre toit ne fuit plus... :-)

    Bises à vous deux

  11. Super, tous ces arbres ou arbrisseaux oranges ;-) Et contente que votre toit ne fuit plus... :-)

    Bises à vous deux

  12. The colors are great. That's about the only feature of having changing seasons that I miss.

  13. Amazing colours. The ivy on our wine store has also turned a wonderful array of orange and red. We are in Noyant, where we bought a lovely property on our first visit to Loire. You can't help but fall in love with this area. It's nice to read about all your experiences.


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