12 November 2013

Virus attack

From what I have read, it is not dangerous to others, but it is a pain in the neck. The laptop that I compose blog posts on every day has been hijacked by a virus. I am hunt-and-peck typing this message on my tablet.

I am also trying to figure how to remove the virus, which is called Local Moxie...

 * * * *

Now I'm on my desktop computer, where everything seems normal. I'm going through a complicated virus-removal procedure on the laptop downstairs.

Here's a photo I planned to post today. Yesterday was beautiful and sunny. I took my camera out on the early-morning walk with Callie.

Today is supposed to be gray and drizzly, so we really have to take advantage of the sun when we see it break through the clouds. Bonne journée à toutes et à tous.


  1. It's a sad reflection on the human race that these viruses do the rounds.
    If the people that do this used their talents for something that benefits mankind rather than this kind of mischief, the world could be a much better place.

  2. Good luck with the extermination of the virus.

  3. G'morning Ken...
    "bona chancy" with your virus removal...
    anything like that is a real pain, it is sooooo damned tedious!
    It is a shame that there are so many sad people out there who don't have anything better to do with their talents!!

    What Anti Virus software do you use?
    We use Zone Alarm Extreme Security now...
    started with them when we went cable in the UK...
    it costs, mind...
    around 35€ per year, but seems to catch everything [touch wood!!]...
    anything very new that it cannot destroy, it isolates in quarantine until it can.
    It updates around three to four times a week... but set to do so when we turn on... so by the time tea [we are Brits] is made the computer is ready for work.
    It catches spam email very well, too!

  4. Hi Ken, Sorry to read about the virus attack. My previous laptop caught a very nasty one and refused to start up, or when it eventually did, shut down a few minutes later. No way to run a virus-killer. Maybe an IT specialist could have solved the problem, but the laptop was old and therefore I replaced it with a brand-new one, on which I installed McAfee anti-virus with automatic updates.
    Hope you'll be virus-free soon! :) Good luck and 'courage'. Martine

  5. Hope you get rid of the virus soon. I wonder what fun people get out of inventing these things!! Have a good day Diane

  6. Beautiful photo :)
    Hope all goes well with virus removal.

  7. I think I've conquered the virus. It has taken all day -- well, all morning, anyway. Finally, I did a reset of Firefox (Help menu, Troubleshooting menu item, Reset...) and that seems to have cleared everything up. Time will tell.

  8. WTG Ken! You're fortunate to have the know how to fight the virus from the start.

    I had to reset my AOL password because they suspected something. We live in strange times. When we were kids they told us it was impossible to go to the moon, but we did. Now viruses we could never imagine happen on machines that will always seem unreal to me. Just found out that I can kindle all of Zolas books for nothing...unimaginable!

  9. Hi Evelyn,
    I don't know which site you download from, but if you're interested in free French books for your iPad, here are four links you might want to check, they overlap:


    To download books into your iPad from ebooksgratuits you have to use the epub format.

    Bonne lecture!

  10. I just checked it's:
    www.gutenberg.org with only one G. LOL

  11. Hi Evelyn, it was my own fault that my laptop got the virus in the first place. I was trying to download some Charles Aznavour songs from the mid-1960s. Instead of the songs I wanted, I ended up downloading the virus. I should have known better. It's safer to download files on the tablet rather than on a Windows computer.

  12. Thanks CHM for links- I'm hoping to read in English. So many books, so little time.

    Ken, J'aime Azanour aussi.


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