21 August 2013

The Paris metro early on a Sunday morning

Can you imagine the Paris metro with no people in it? It's easy — all you have to do is go down into a station at about 6:30 on a Sunday morning. As you can see, I had the place to myself.

This is the Ségur station, in the 7th arrondissement. It's just on the edge of the 15th, and a five-minute walk from CHM's apartment. Twice in July, at the beginning and again at the end of the month, I had occasion to take the metro from Ségur to the Gare d'Austerlitz. It's a direct line — no changes all the way to Austerlitz.

My train back to the Loire Valley was at 7:38 a.m. on those Sunday mornings, so I left CHM's place on foot, pulling my suitcase behind me, at about 6:30. I wanted to make sure I'd be at Austerlitz on time. As you can see, one time I had to wait more than eight minutes for a metro train to pull into the station. The other time, I was luckier and the wait was shorter.

I had time to examine all the advertising and posters in the Ségur station. There were no people to block my view. There was plenty of seating.

I arrived at Austerlitz with time to spare. No jostling, no lines to stand in — just a smooth ride. Even at the Gare d'Austerlitz metro stop, there were few other travelers.

As I walked along the platform at Austerlitz, I noticed that the metro tunnel was all lit up ahead of me and the train I had just gotten off of. There was a metro employee in the tunnel, but I tried not to get him in the picture or let him see that I was taking a photo. He might have thought I was a terrorist or something.

I headed for the sortie and walked through a series of corridors and up a few flights of stairs to get to my SNCF train, destination Blois. One Sunday, I had time to sit down and have a café and a croissant before my train was announced. The other Sunday, I had less time but I never had to feel rushed.


  1. SOOOOO much cleaner than the London tube system!!
    Lovely set of pix...

  2. Nice to see the underground; France has been lucky with a great transportation system. As there are more and more people, I hope it still works well. I was reading a post from Dina,
    The ministry of transportation is fining the consortium who built the tram because they are having so many problems. Such a waste of resource and time!

  3. If I ever need to take an early morning train, I'll surely remember this emission and take an extra early train. How nice to relax at the other end with a café and a croissant.

  4. That is amazing Ken ,, and as Tim said ,, so much cleaner than the UK ,, I love the Paris Metro system ,, I think it is great to go off early ,, I love arriving early to have a coffee ,,

  5. I love the Paris underground. Wish I was there as they say in all the best postcards.

  6. Philip, thanks for all the good comments. Hope you'll be back in France soon.

    Anne, you too.

    Mary, I love the early morning times, trains or whatever. And that café and croissant... well, miam miam.

  7. Ken, what wonderful photos! Here in USA one can get in trouble for taking photos.... My nephew was doing a school project taking a film in BART and was chucked out!

  8. "I tried not to get him in the picture or let him see that I was taking a photo. He might have thought I was a terrorist or something" Pretty sad times in which we live!!


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