19 August 2013

Paris street faces

Walking around one of the neighborhoods where I used to work in Paris — the area of Saint-Germain-des-Prés off the rue des Saints-Pères — I noticed these two "street faces" or architectural ornaments.

I think I was on the rue du Pré-aux-Clercs when I saw these figures. Things like these are why it pays to walk in Paris whenever you can. Taking the bus is another way to tour the city, because you get great views of places and people, but it's not like being on foot.

I didn't color the eyes blue — that's the way they really are.

I haven't been very good about responding to comments recently. I do read all the comments, of course, but often it's on my tablet where it's not as easy to leave a comment as on the laptop I'm using right now to type this text.

Mme Bavard, Bob, really. Bet the name fit. Our Peugeot dealer here, from whom I bought my car, is named Monsieur Danger. I wonder if Mme Barbier is going to change her name if she goes into another line of business...

One of these days, I'll get back to posting food and cooking pictures. Want to know how to prepare zucchinis/courgettes? :-)


  1. We have a book, Ken...
    "What will I do with all those courgettes" by Elaine Borish...
    an American living in London.

    One Hundred and Fifty recipes for using courgettes....
    Chocolate Courgette Cake...
    when made... it goes.
    Pauline used to make two and a half for the allotment show [cake stall]...
    the half was a smaller one for us...
    because there was never any of the other two left!!

    And on things green... isn't the man at No.11 a version of a Green Man?

  2. Walt made zucchini bread last week -- a less sweetened version that's good with apéritif. And I made zucchini 'boats' with a fresh creamy goat cheese and a hard dry goat cheese, grated. With walnuts and onion. Turned out very good.

  3. I did a stuffed zuke along with last night's stuffed shrooms.

    I think our chap at No 11 is Pan -- he's got horns.

  4. It is something how much different your feeling about your surroundings is when you experience it walking-- or even riding your bike.

    Yes, tell us more about the Zucchini boats with goat cheese!

  5. Yes, always good to have another zucchini recipe! :)

  6. Long slices of zucchini sprinkled with some parmesan, garlic and panko, roasted in the oven. Easy and delicious! (zucchini is so versatile).
    It is so enjoyable to walk for miles in Paris and there is always something interesting to see, including window shopping... Pit stop in a cafe and it is time for few more miles.

  7. Just read a new book, "Drunk Tank Pink" by Adam Alter. It is a review of many scientific studies and is very interesting! In it there is a chapter relating to how what you name your children sometimes pans out: i.e., Mme Barbier becomes a barber! Of course, that isn't an example, but I know someone whose uncle became an Orthopedic Surgeon - his name Monsieur (Mr.) Bonebrake!!!
    Example from the book: Derek Kickett - Ausralian Rules footballer!!!

  8. Our new dentist is Dr. Sick! (How did the eyes in the face at number 11 get blue?)

  9. Susan, the Green Man is often depicted with horns...
    whilst you find him in churches... [and on pub signs]...
    it is asumed that it was originally a way to get 'heathens' into the churches...
    and the design stuck.
    So it could very well be a Green Man version of Pan...
    that someone decided would make a good keystone for his door arch.

    Ande stuff your zukes I say... give me Ice Ball and Yellow Crookneck any day!!

  10. Clever of someone to color the eyes blue.


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