24 August 2013

Le Louvre, and that balloon

I'm winding down my Paris series, though I still have a few days to go in August and plenty of photos that I haven't published yet. Bear with me. This is the Louvre, seen from the other side of the Seine, showing the Pont du Carrousel. Earlier I posted this closeup view.

And about that photo of the hot-air balloon yesterday: here's another shot of it and the moon, taken a few seconds after I took the one where the balloon had just passed across the moon. I just want to show you how far from the house it was. The montgolfière was moving along at a pretty brisk clip over the vineyard.

I took the photo through the bedroom window, with the camera at full zoom. I was lucky that the photo was as sharp as it was — which was not very...


  1. If I'm not mistaken those arches at the end of the 'Galerie du bord de l'eau' are called 'Guichets du Carrousel'.

  2. paris pics are fine with me.....keep em coming

  3. Oui, CHM, comme si on allait déposer un chèque ou acheter un billet...

    Thanks Melinda. I plan to finish out August with Paris photos. Has your weather dried out yet?

  4. Ditto what melinda said :) Keep them coming!

    I don't think that I had ever before seen that arc at Porte Saint-Martin that you had at the top of yesterday's post. I didn't know that there were any that stretched across the road like that, in Paris.

  5. Judy, there are two arches like that, at rue St-Denis and rue St-Martin, on les grands boulevards.

  6. We discovered the two arches on our first trip to Paris.


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