04 August 2013

Paris domes: final installment

Here are a few more photos of domes that I saw on the Paris skyline when I was up at the top of the Tour Saint-Jacques last week. First, a view looking out over the Latin Quarter.

The main landmark you see in the photo above is the Sorbonne, with its green observatory domes and, on the right, the much larger dome of the Chapelle de la Sorbonne, which Cardinal Richelieu had built in the 1600s. In the distance, you can see the white dome of the larger and newer Observatoire at the end of the avenue of the same name. In front of the Sorbonne stands the Eglise Saint-Séverin and its steeple.

Looking in the opposite direction from the top of the Tour Saint-Jacques, you can see some of the best known domes of Paris, those of Sacré-Cœur, at the top of Montmartre.

And looking southwest, you can see not only L'Eglise du Dôme des Invalides, but also, in the foreground, the dome or cupola of the Institut de France, which includes the Académie Française and several other literary, artistic, and scientific academies.

The dome of the Institut stands on the banks of the Seine at the south end of the Pont des Arts, which is a footbridge linking it to the Louvre.

A couple of evenings ago, France 2 television's daily newscast ran a report about the Tour Saint-Jacques and the fact that it open to the public this summer for the first time since it was built in 1519. Here's a link. The Tour Saint-Jacques story is toward the end of the show and the guide who led the tour I was on is featured prominently in it.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed all of your Paris photos, along with the stories of all the various buildings.
    Thanks for the tour Ken.

  2. Sorry to see the end of these Tour
    photos. Sacre Coeur looks so lovely. Is that large complex to
    the right residential? The guides
    must have to pass a pretty stiff
    physical before being hired.

  3. Those are some amazing shots you are able to get with your camera (and your skills).
    You must have been surprised to see the reportage on the Tour Saint-Jacques!

  4. The photo of "The dome of the Institut stands on the banks of the Seine" is particularly nice.

  5. Oh, I haven't finished with my Tour Saint-Jacques photos yet -- just the ones of domes.

  6. Thank you so much, Ken, for providing the link to TV2. Unfortunately, listening to that french I realize I have a very LONG road ahead of me to continue my french studies before I can understand a french news show! There were many words, verbs and a few nouns that I heard but this has me even more motivated to sign up for french tv. Your photos of the Tour were fantastic. I look forward to more.

  7. Did you see any hammans or domed mosques? I love your photo of Sacred Coeur- it's usually the first Paris that I spot when I ride the train into the city from CDG.

  8. As I was scrolling through your wonderful dome photos, I thought, "I never knew you could go inside La Tour St. Jacques?" Wow, sorry I'll miss it this summer.

    I don't know how I've missed your blog all this time, but happy to have found it!

    PaulaVa (from SlowTrav)

  9. Hello PaulaVa, thanks for the comment. I've 'seen' you on SlowTravel for a while now and enjoyed your contributions and point of view. Being a 'neighbor' (from N. C.) I've found your posts interesting. Ken


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