16 August 2013

Paris in July: a café a day (4)

Le Café du Marché is on the rue Cler in the 7th arrondissement, not far from the Hôtel des Invalides and La Tour Eiffel.

Rue Cler is a short street full of food shops and cafés — a rue commerçante but not exactly a market, even though some shops display their merchandise out on the street, which is reserved for pedestrian traffic only.

The 7th is one of the most upscale parts of Paris — very BCBG (bon chic, bon genre), meaning stylish in a kind of preppy way.


  1. You must have shown this photo (or one of this café) before? I think I remember commenting that I have eaten here. Rick Steves (of guidebooks and travel guide TV show) focuses on rue Cler in his Paris info.

  2. Wouldn't mind living in that
    second floor apartment with
    the flower box. Appears to wrap
    around the corner too.

  3. We rented an apartment around the corner from the rue Cler. Love this area. If you are back there sometime try eating at Reed. It is lovely small bistro.

  4. Et moi qui pensais que ce sont les "bobo" qui vivent dans ce quartier de Gros Caillou :-)

  5. I've heard that "pedestrian traffic only" thing before, but the only time I was on rue Cler, there were cars driving through.

  6. Loving your 'cafes' Ken. I think I must have been French in a previous life I am drawn to café life so much. We do have outside cafes in the UK now but the culture isn't the same and I always feel exposed rather than comfortable sitting out on the streets of my adopted city, Nottingham.


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