25 August 2013

Le Marché de l'Avenue de Saxe

A while back I mentioned the photos I took back in early July at the Marché de l'Avenue de Saxe in the 7th arrondissement in Paris, near the Hôtel des Invalides, and not far from the Eiffel Tower. I said I'd post the photos, but they kind of got lost in the Paris scenes shuffle. Now I'm getting to them.

Shopping and working up an appetite on a beautiful morning in Paris

The view up the Avenue de Saxe, Paris 7e

The open-air Avenue de Saxe market sets up on Thursday and Saturday mornings, just off the west side of the Place de Breteuil. This is a beau quartier and it's an upscale market. Prices can be pretty high, but the displays of vegetables, fruit, fish, and meats are beautiful and enticing.

Focusing on fish for lunch

There's nothing like going to this kind of market during the morning before lunch, especially on a pretty day. You'll find your appetite is really enhanced after you've looked around for a few minutes and picked out what you want to serve and eat for the mid-day meal.

These are the makings for ratatouillepoivrons, aubergines, courgettes, et tomates

Artichauts, petits pois, carottes, et pommes de terre nouvelles

The Saturday morning in early July when I went to the market, I didn't really need to buy anything. CHM, who lives nearby, had already planned our lunch. He stayed home to cook while I went out for my walk and photo shoot. I have more photos for another day...


  1. All those vegetables look so fresh. A ratatouille sounds really good right now!

  2. Hi Nadège, we made ratatouille yesterday for lunch -- delicious. I'm not sure I ever told you that I relayed the info about the Lahey book to Walt. Have you made pizza yet?

  3. I haven't made the pizza yet but I have been writing and telling everybody it is the best pizza crust ever! I should make it as it is really not that hard; it is just a little bit too warm to turn on the oven right now. I buy a frozen pizza crust from "Graindance" made of spelt. It is delicious.

  4. When in Paris, I used to go to this market at least once a week. Choices are endless.

  5. Oh my goodness, such gorgeous photos! I was once in Paris with a young friend, and one of the things that I planned was a trip up to the 17th to see a marché that I'd read quite a bit about... she was bored to tears and impatient to leave-- I thought it was hilarious our different approaches to food. She just wasn't a foodie, that's for sure.
    Another student of mine once commented, "I don't know why people blog about what they ate for breakfast." Ha! I guess we foodies find each other... and we get it

  6. Ken...
    seeing all those fish reminds me to ask...
    WOT is a Tilefish?

    I was looking for Cucumber recipes in Greene on Greens and he mentions one that is based around Tilefish.

    Love the market pix...
    those Vives look quite a chunky meal!

  7. Sorry Tim, I'll be of no help. Don't know tilefish.

    Judy, :-)

  8. I love to cruise through the markets even if I don't plan to buy anything.

  9. I love these photos Ken, thanks so much for posting. I am feeling a bit nostalgic; Le Marché de l'Avenue de Saxe you show here is where I would shop weekly, it was just around the corner from my chambre de bonne at 5, rue Perignon in the 15th. Also, your photo of metro stop Ségur was my stop during my year en France.

  10. Hi ChicagoAnn,

    Glad you enjoyed the market photos. I love the Av. de Saxe market and have gotten to know it well over the past 15 years. Ken


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