03 August 2013

Paris Plages 2013

Somehow my post today just disappeared. I'm mystified and confused. I'll try to put it back, if I can find it somewhere.

Here are the photos I posted this morning, dans le désordre. I've looked everywhere but I can't find the original post about the Paris beach, and my memory is not good enough to let me retype it all as it was. I wrote about beaches and the Batobus boats that you can take to travel along the Seine instead of taking the métro or the autobus.

Truckloads of sand are brought into the city and spread along the south-facing express lanes that run along the Seine.

Paris Plages is in its eleventh year.


  1. the last photo looks yummy!

    philly has put something like this in front of our art museum (below the "rocky" steps) for july and august. first year for doing so, and it's been a hit!

  2. Sorry, Anne Marie, the photos got shuffled -- but
    know which one you meant.

  3. CHM left this comment but it too disappeared:

    "That's a shame you lost it because it was a good post. The arcanes of electronics! LOL "

  4. Hi Ken, I was one of the lucky few who got the chance of reading your full 'report' on Paris Plages. Who was who said 'The early bird, gets the worm'! ? I think Confucius said something similar, but I'm sure, there were no worms involved! ;))
    It was a great post and I really enjoyed it, especially as Brussels has a 'copy/paste' of the event along the Canal (not a river) ... and no swimming either. Have a nice weekend. Martine

  5. Merci, Martine. J'ai dû faire une bêtise pour que mon article sur Paris Plages disparaisse subitement de cette façon. Ce ne serait la première fois.

  6. I've always wondered just what exactly the whole Paris Plage thing was about (exactly where, how big an area, what you do there, what it looks like, how many people use it). I would have enjoyed your full post, but this was a great set of photos :)

    Can you tell me just a little about the Batobus? I am curious about using that, too.

  7. We now get a French TV channel...TV5Monde...The other day they did a nice section on Paris Plage!

  8. Judy, here's the French Wikipedia page on the Batobus system. There is also page in English.


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