10 August 2013

Looking ouest

Here's a close-in view of the quartier des affaires — the "new" business center of Paris — out at La Défense, on the western edge of the city. You're looking out over the Louvre and the Tuileries gardens. Slightly to the left, you can see up the Champs-Elysées toward the Arc de Triomphe and past it to the Grande Arche de la Défense.

The view from the top of the Tour Saint-Jacques isn't a familiar one, since the tower has always been closed to the public until this summer. I think the wide flat dome framed by the rooftops of the Louvre, in a park, is the Théâtre de Marigny. Below is a wider view.

La Défense is mostly office towers, housing 2500 businesses that employ nearly 200,000 people. It is also the site of a major shopping center and home to 20,000 residents. It's not quaint, but it makes for an interesting day trip. Go ouest, jeune homme...

Maybe you prefer this view of Paris...

I've done several posts about La Défense over the years, and you can find them here.


  1. Those beautiful boulevards were cleared as sight-lines for artillery. Pour la Defense. P.

  2. Such cool photos! A trip to La Defense is easy and well worth the time spent.

  3. After reading the first post you linked to, I was going to ask if you knew the origin of the name, La Défense, and then I spotted the title of the second post, just as I was about to leave the page :) I have never been to La Défense-- only seen it depicted in movies.

  4. Views from the Tower of Saint Jacques do offer a different view of Paris. The city looks very modern.
    Do you know, are there plans to keep it open on any continual basis?

  5. I went over to La Defense one December. They had a Christmas Market which I enjoyed (nice mulled wine) and like you I enjoy the photo opportunities so took a fair few in this place of steel and glass.


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