26 August 2013

Cinq fruits rouges

Just a few more photos from the sunny Avenue de Saxe market in July, on this gray chilly August morning in Saint-Aignan.

With any luck, our current spell of gloomy weather will end soon. The sun will come back, temperatures will climb, and the many many green tomatoes in our garden will all turn red like the ones in these pictures.


  1. I do hope the gloom will go away and the sun come back, for Nick's sake. The poor love was working hard 9hours a day last week when the sun shone, now that he's officially on holiday the weather has turned. Again !!

  2. What lovely fruit! I like the two red cars in the background of the last picture. Red everywhere you look! Except in our tomatos... P.

  3. Jean, the sun just came out here. Hope it did the same there.

    Pauline and Starman, :-)

  4. So very kind of the locals to park only red cars for that last pic.

  5. Mitch, and they say the French are uncooperative!


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