23 September 2011


Teams of horses. They were the finale at the horse show we saw in August in Le Pin-au-Haras. That's the name of the village where the Haras du Pin is located. In French, a "team" in this sense is called un attelage [aht-lahzh]. The verb atteler [aht-lay] means "to harness, to hitch up."

Now I've about exhausted my connaissances on the subject. I'll just post the pictures.

The horses, buggies, carriages, drivers, and passengers were beautiful to watch.

Meanwhile, our weather is supposed to be warm for the next few days. That'll give us a chance to get a lot of yard work done. And tonight we're going to a party. It's a Franco-American affair, more about which later.


  1. Beautiful photos and magnificent horses.

  2. Franco American affair? How intriguing. An affair to remember?

  3. Riding in a horse-dawn carriage is on my bucket list.

  4. Really beautiful, these teams. I wish we would have some of your weather just now! We just have rain, rain, more rain....And a huge family party tomorrow in a public park!

  5. Okay...now I need to add this place to my French Places to See!. Just too darn much going on to miss.

    Have fun at your party!

    Mary in Oregon

  6. Go Chicago Bears! Oh, I guess you didn't mean that kind of team!


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