07 September 2011

Lunch at the Relais Saint-Louis

In Bellême, we had lunch at a hotel restaurant called Le Relais Saint-Louis. The food was very good and it was served attractively. The menu wasn't particularly expensive; we probably paid $20 per person.

I don't have a lot of time to blog right now because company arrived yesterday. I picked up my old friends Bob and Norma in Blois just before noon. We had lunch, walked around the town, and then went to Chambord. This is Norma's first trip to the Loire Valley.

So here are some pictures of the food in Bellême.

An appetizer: galantine de canard et de porc
(a pâté or terrine, in other words)

Another appetizer: œufs mollets à la florentine
(soft-boiled eggs with spinach au gratin)

A main course: tranche de jambon grillée et poêlée de légumes
de saison
(grilled ham slice with mixed summer vegetables)

A dessert: île flottante
(a floating island served in a glass or verrine)

Another dessert: trois boules de glace


  1. Lewis loved œufs mollets à la florentine. Have fun with Bob and Norma.

  2. Oh, my, my, my :) Lovely presentation! That ile flottante looks heavenly!

  3. Superb looking food, Ken!
    Best looking Flotant I've ever seen.... much more apetising like that than a couple of spoons of white foam in a weak custard. And as for the presentation of the IceCreams... superb. I wonder how many of the biscuit failures the chef has to eat?

    Oh... and yes, her who does the real gardening says YES... can we please have about half a dozen Rhubarb leaves... we'll exchange them for a jar of organic Cucumber Relish [without green food colouring] for your barbecues next year.

  4. That ham looks delicious. Why is it that we can't get that kind of cut in Belgium? If it were available I would often put it on the menu ... Martine

  5. The œufs mollets à la florentine look really good. I don't think I've ever had any like that.

  6. Hi,

    The flavours of the 3 scoops of "sorbet"/sherbet were excellent, the rhubarb one was heaven !

    To Ladybird : I love the "jambon des Ardennes", it's quite difficult to find genuine one even in good "charcuterie" shops :-)



  7. I'll bet that meal tasted even better than it looks. And it looks terrific.

  8. Hmm, I was a bit disappointed because the superb "île flottante" was, unfortunately, above the "mousse au chocolat", which made the dessert a bit too "écoeurant"/sickly, I would have preferred to savour the "île flottante" without having the taste of "la mousse au chocolat"...
    Yet, our meal was gorgeous and I loved the decoration of the dining room which was located in a kind of very modern "véranda", rather a place which looked like a "gloriette" much bigger than the usual ones which were added to houses in the past...




  9. Ile flottante is my favorite desert.
    Believe me I had to think long and hard about it (as I have a sweet tooth and love deserts, but not the american deserts that are way too sweet).

  10. @Mary, I guess it's very diffult to find he 'real' thing (artisanal) outside Belgium, but I think the 'industrialized' version (Marcassou) is available in supermarkets in France.

  11. To Ladybird :

    Thanks for the information !
    My Mum's father was Belgian but I didn't know him, he died at the end of WWII (had been "gazé" during WWI, had survived but his health was impaired then...) so we often visited our Belgian relatives (around Bouillon, Florenville, Namur, Muno :-) !) when I was a little girl and then a teenager and will always remember the smell and taste of the "tartines" with "jambon des Ardennes"/Ardennes ham, saucisson, etc. I also loved having soup with little round sausages in it and loved having "des frites à la mayonnaise" which, in my memory, was "blanche"/white in one of Florenville "cafés" :-) !!!




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