08 September 2011

Chambord, Chenonceau, and cash

Tuesday afternoon, Chambord. My photo.

Wednesday afternoon, Chenonceau. My photo of a drawing diplayed in the château. Chenonceau and Chambord were both built in the early to mid-1500s, about 30 miles apart.

Later that day, at a café in Amboise.

Another whirlwind...


  1. Oh, I really like that photo of the money and the receipt :) Very français.

  2. Ahhhh, le Café du Château, our regular 'point de chute' in Amboise! The first thing we do when arriving in the Loire Valley is go and have a drink there ... at the foot of the castle, watching people and the world go by! Wish I were there ... Martine

  3. The café looks a little busy, while the others look empty.


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