31 January 2009

Sunrise or bonfire?

I have had a hard time deciding whether to post pictures of yesterday morning's sunrise or the bonfire we made yesterday afternoon.

I have decided to post pictures of the sunrise. I'll post pictures of the bonfire tomorrow.

Yesterday was my day to take the morning walk with the dog. I got up at about 6:30, but the sun doesn't come up until 8:30. By about 8:15, it is light enough to go outside with Callie without having to worry about losing her in the darkness.

It was a clear morning, and cold — minus 2 degrees C, or about 28ºF. That means the ground is frozen and Callie won't get so wet and muddy on the walk. There's a good side to everything.

We walked a way out into the vineyard waiting for the sun to rise. By now, I know where the highest point in the vineyard is, and that's where I headed. I stopped there and waited for the sun to be just right.

Callie just waited. I doubt that she knew what I was doing, why I had stopped, but she is patient. After a few minutes of picture-taking, we resumed our walk.

When we got home, Callie had her breakfast of rice and chicken. I had another cup of tea. And then while the dog had her morning treats — two kinds, every morning — I went down to my computer and processed my pictures.

It was a normal morning, and a nice day. In the afternoon, we had a bonfire. More tomorrow...


  1. breakfast of rice & chicken....wow....do u make homemade pet food? I used to for my doggies...ground turkey cooked with veggies & served on brown rice....Callie is probably used to u stopping to snap pics by now...so she's into the pause mode

  2. Sounds and looks lovely :) I can't wait for the bonfire picture!



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