30 June 2008

Window panels at Bourges cathedral

It's fun to take and see pictures of stained-glass windows in churches. The colors come out really vivid when the light is right. Too much bright sun right behind the glass won't work, and neither will a gloomy gray sky.

The day CHM and I spent in Bourges had perfect weather. Mixed clouds and sun, so you had plenty of chances to take a good picture as light conditions changed. Here's a link to the first topic I did about the cathedral at Bourges.

After lunch that day we spent a couple of hours in the cathedral taking pictures. I snapped away with abandon, convinced that if I used up my camera battery it wouldn't matter because I had another, fully charged one in the car. My battery did run down, and when we went back to the car, I discovered I had left the spare battery in its charger... at home!

That limited my picture-taking for the rest of the day, but I was able to take a few pictures here and there. We mostly saw churches, with a couple of châteaux. That's what there is to see here.

An appointment at the doctor's at 9:30 has cut my blogging time very short this morning.


  1. I hope you'll feel better soon. I bet a sip of Elixir d'Anvers would do the trick :-)! It might even work better than what the doctor prescribes ! Martine

  2. We have tried the Elixir d'Anvers and really like it. I don't know about it as a cure, though. The doctor prescribed something that I found duty-bound to try. It probably won't taste so good.

  3. Is there anyone who doesn't like stained glass windows? What is the attraction? The colors and light? The stories they tell? It's so hard to get good photos of them... you did a great job!


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