19 June 2008

The château and church at Saint-Aignan

The church and the château at
Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher, in eastern Touraine
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Speaking of the Crêpiot restaurant, I have a distinct memory of going there for lunch with visitors from California (or America, anyway) one day when we all wanted to eat pommes frites. We got to the restaurant and found that the daily special was filet mignon de porc with green beans. It looked really good. So we all had that and then we ordered a big assiette de frites for the table to eat with it.

The câteau as seen by my zoom lens from Noyers-sur-Cher

The question is: who were the visitors with whom we enjoyed that lunch? Walt and I both think it was with Candy and John. Cheryl, I can't believe you haven't been to eat at Le Crêpiot. Next time... Chrissoup, have you been? Susan, I vaguely remember that we ate there when you were here two years ago. Thanks for the reminder and the memory.

The church at Saint-Aignan seen from afar

Day before yesterday CHM and I went out in the afternoon to buy some duck gizzards over at Intermarché in Noyers-sur-Cher, which is on the other side of the river. The gizzards, by the way were on sale: three good-size cans of gizzards cooked in duck fat (!) for €6,74 — a steal. Duck gizzards are great sautéed and then served on a salad.

Another view of the château
from a slightly different vantage point

After our shopping, we went on a picture-taking excursion. We only had an hour or two. I drove us up into the vineyards on the north side of Noyers, which are on high ground above the river valley. From there, we had fairly good views of the château and church in Saint-Aignan. Thus the pictures in this post.

An old windmill, minus its blades,
and some red poppies in Noyers-sur-Cher

This morning we are off to the outdoor market over in Montrichard to pick up some things: goat cheese from the Ferme-Auberge de la Lionnière and some tarragon plants in little pots to plant here at La Renaudière and also for CHM to plant in his garden in Paris. The weather is cloudy today but is supposed to get pretty warm this afternoon. We plan to have lunch at the Grill des Nouettes over in Noyers. That's the place I call The Truckstop. I've had lunches there with Gabby, Chrissoup, and my mother over the years. Not sure who else.


  1. You've gotten some good photos of the castle. We really enjoyed our dinner in '04 at Crepiot and I hope we make it back there on our next visit.

    I hope you enjoyed your time at the market. I just planted several more basel planets for pesto, etc. I need some tarragon- I think the drought got my volunteers.

    Springtime is so full of promise, but summer will be here before we know it.

  2. Pas moi, Le Crêpiot. I'd like to try it one day.

  3. Thanks for volunteering to endure all this ugly scenery! :)


  4. Your ears must have been burning yesterday evening (PDT). We had dinner at a pleasant little French restaurant in San Francisco with Simon and Ginger, who were in town for a conference. The weather has been uncharacteristically warm and clear, without a hint of fog, so we sat on the little outdoor patio and enjoyed our dinner. When my bavette arrived, I was reminded of lunch at Le Crêpiot. Such bliss.


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