27 June 2008

Speaking of green

Here's one of the reasons why I think my monitor might be showing me things through green-colored glasses. But no, it really is very green here. Thanks to all the rain we had in April and May (and the 12 months preceding...).

The Renaudière vineyard at 7:30 a.m. on 25 June 2008
Picture not retouched in Photoshop

Most of the vines have been clipped now to allow the maximum
amount of sunlight to shine on the grapes and keep them warm.

Everything is growing nicely, including blackberry brambles. Yesterday, I went out and cut some thorny vines that are growing over our back fence. You have to keep them under control or they will take over.

The road out in the vineyard where we walk with Callie

Callie the border collie coming when called

We are having beautiful weather right now, but I see on TV that some clouds and rain are going to cover most of Normandy this afternoon. We are right on the edge of the bad weather, so we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed. As soon as the sun goes behind a cloud, you can feel a slight chill in the air.

More orchids? Purple. Picture taken yesterday...

By the way, I noticed that the pink flowers in this picture I posted yesterday look more purple than pink our our laptop display. On my monitor and Walt's they look pink, as they did "in person." Do they look pink or purple to you?


  1. Those orchids look definitely purple without any hint of pink on my Mac laptop. Yesterday's photo looks more pinkish than today's one.

  2. Hi Ken,
    Looks lilac to me ;-). But as they say in french: "Les goûts et les couleurs, cela ne se discute pas!"
    Have a nice sunny day. Overhere it is raining.

  3. Pink notoriously has more blue in it than one realises. But, to me the orchids are clearly purple, and the flat flowers look a bit lilac, but of course they could be pink flowers in a blue-ish shadow...

  4. Sorry guys, not orchids in today's post, but Vetch (Fabiaceae)a type of pea. There are lots of species, so without seeing the plant and running it through a key I could not ID to species level.
    The Centaury in yesterday's photos look clearish pink (hint of blue) on my screen, as they should in real life, or perhaps a bit stronger. If your green is looking a bit vivid, that is probably working to lift the pinks, as they are complementary.

  5. Thanks, Susan, that's what my question mark was for ("...orchids?"). I didn't thing they were but they do resemble the orchids we were seeing a month or two ago. And yes, my screen is showing very vivid greens.

  6. I agree with Susan about the colors. I think they are doing well now.

    We have lots of vetch here in Alabama and it can take over. I wish you could send us rain. We have floods along the Mississippi and drought conditions further East again this summer. I'm glad I'm not a farmer.

  7. That's one of those colors that some people call "pink" (me) and others call "purple."

    The colors look fine here in Macintosh Land.

  8. Thanks Chris, Evelyn, Autolycus, Martine, CHM, and Susan & Simon, for your feedback. I'm feeling good about the monitor (which is actually a flat-panel TV set) but I'm feeling lousy over all: sore throat, aches and pains. Caught something, I guess in Paris...


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