01 June 2008

The Chassiron lighthouse on Oléron

Le Phare de Chassiron on the Ile d'Oléron

Out at the far tip of the Ile d'Oléron there's a lighthouse called Le Phare de Chassiron. We drove out there one afternoon and Walt and I climbed to the top to take in the view. It looks a lot like a lighthouse you would see in my native North Carolina.

The view from the top of the lighthouse back over the island

Cheryl decided to stay on ground level with the dog. Somebody needed to dogsit, and going to the top of the phare meant a 224-step climb.

Cheryl walking Callie along the cliffs
at the base of the lighthouse

There were cafés, restaurants, and shops, plus plenty of parking, as we arrived at Chassiron. We weren't the only people visiting that afternoon, but it wasn't really crowded. The landscapes and seascapes were beautiful on a beautiful day.

Windswept trees at Chassiron

As we were leaving, we drove along next to an amazing field of artichokes. It was very tempting to go pick some. But not possible, of course.

Artichokes and typical houses on the Ile d'Oléron

I'm off this afternoon for three days in Paris. Walt came back last night; it's his turn to watch the dog. Let's hope the weather turns nice.

We had violent thunderstorms yesterday in Touraine, and the Cher River is out of its banks in spots. People's basements are flooded. Luckily, we live on high ground. There was bad weather in Alsace too, according to radio reports, with damage and injuries.


  1. Bonne route, Ken. What a cool light house and the artichokes are beautiful! They come on early, don't they?

    Enjoy Paris for me.

  2. What a beautiful island. And that lighthouse could be a cousin to the one at Hatteras.

  3. wow! great vista! cute dog! a field of artichokes! how cool! how very, very nice! and thank you for yesterday's spectacular homecoming sunset pix. a feast as always.

  4. Weren't you lucky with the weather, though. It doesn't look very promising at them moment in Paris


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