25 June 2008

Color adjustments

I got a new monitor and I'm having a really hard time adjusting it to get the colors I'm used to. I'm not sure now what color my pictures are. I'm posting these to see what they look like on this monitor and on the two others we have in the house. Do they look right to you?

Yellow flowers

A pale pink rose

A white daisy with a yellow center


  1. Hi Ken,

    They look less 'vibrant' than usual ... yet yellow is still yellow and the pink still comes out as pink :-)


  2. Thanks, Martine. I'm still working on adjusting the monitor so that I can see the colors as I used to. It's very time-consuming. Hope you are well... Ken

  3. Good luck with the new monitor, Ken. The first photo is less clear than the others, but that's not a color problem really.

    Our cable company is having problems with our signal and it's a pain in the derriere. I hope you will be able to get your monitor problem solved. I bet you'll be faster than our cable company....

  4. Slightly dark perhaps, at least in the backgrounds. The white and the pink are fine for me: the yellow flowers seem to give the picture an overall yellow cast, but it obviously isn't affecting the others.

  5. In the yellow photo, the greens are odd--very bright, like blanched broccoli. Good luck. Your project sounds difficult.

  6. Hi Chris, that's the problem I'm having: the greens are too bright. I can't figure it out.

    Autolycus, thanks. Yes, the contrast is off too.

    Evelyn, good luck with your Internet problems. One problem I'm having is with sharpness: what's the monitor showing compared to other monitors. Luckily, we have two other monitors in the house that I can view the blog on. Bises, K.

  7. The yellow flowers look like St. Johns Wort. Infused in oil it should turn the oil red and make a good rub for sore muscles. Of course, look close at the plant and verify on the internet.


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