03 June 2008

Gone to heaven

Walking from the Marais toward the Ile St-Louis in Paris yesterday, along the rue du Pont Louis-Philippe, I noticed this shop.

"Look," I said to my friend Cheryl, "we've died and gone to Heaven."

"Well Heaven looks a lot like Paris," she replied.

Walt says it might be as close to heaven as any of us will ever get.

Window display in a bakery in the Marais in Paris


  1. Don't tell me that you could still drool over pastry after the lunch we had!!!!

  2. "Heaven" on a street named " Allee des Justes".
    Sounds right :-)

  3. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.... heaven it is :)

    I'm still reading your blog, and Walt's, every single day:)) While you were away in the Ile d'Oléron, I amused myself with browsing through your archives. Such fun! Your kitchen looks fabulous. Your yard looks delightful! Your dog is so cute. Your adventures are such fun to follow :) And, I'm now on summer vacation (shorter than retirement and not as much fun as retirement to Saint-Aignan), so this will be a lovely way to start my days.

    By the way, after your post some time ago about the wild-growing orchids, I was walking in the English Garden at our FABULOUS Missouri Botanical Garden here in St. Louis, and I saw what they called a wild orchid :)


  4. Claude, I took that picture BEFORE lunch!

    Judy, hi. I think I walked through the botanical gardens in St. Louis one time, about 35 years ago. It was great.

    The beaver, yes, just perfect.


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