25 June 2008

More pix, just experimenting

Here are some pictures from my most recent trip to Paris. I'm still trying to see if they look okay. If they don't look okay on your monitor, let me know.

Lunch at the Café Louis-Philippe — bœuf bourguignon

Lunch at the Café Louis-Philippe — blanquette de veau

An old sign inside the Café Louis-Philippe

A red 2CV parked on a street behind the Hôtel de Ville in Paris


  1. Your pictures look great on my laptop. Colors are good and crisp. Your beef and my "blanquette" look exactly as they were. I don't know if they taste the same, though.

  2. Thanks, CHM. I think I have the monitor adjusted correctly now. It took me several hours this morning before I was happy with it. Whew!

  3. Perfection Attained! All your posts are pure Delight!Look forward to them daily and have since 2006.Will continue to do so. From a fan of yours in Silicon Valley. Beth

  4. The colors look great. I think it's always hard with the photos that are in either cloudy light or shadows to get the correction, but I think you've nailed it. Looks fabulous on my iMac.

  5. It looks great on my monitor at work.
    (don't tell anyone)

  6. Pictures look great...and in the post above as well :-)


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