01 May 2018

Plants encircling us

A few days ago, I mentioned being partial to plants that proliferate. Well, these hens and chick's certainly have done that around here. They can stay outdoors year-round. They need little or no care. They just happily grow. I've had these in the same pot for five or six years, and there are hundreds of others in planter boxes, pots, or growing in the ground. A friend on the other side of the village, who turned 88 years old yesterday, gave me the first ones 10 or more years ago.

These are geraniums from last year. They spent the winter in the greenhouse with almost no attention paid to them. Recently I resumed watering them again and they started flowering.

We have purple lilacs blooming in our yard. Right down the road a few steps, there's a white lilac bush. It's growing on a vacant lot. Nobody pays any attention to it, except me and my camera.

And then there are these translucent yellow flowers. I don't know what they are. They grow in patches all around the vineyard and along the vineyard road at this time of year.


  1. The plant in the last photo is a Euphorbia. They are a wonderful plant coming in many shapes and sizes. Be aware that the milky sap can be an irritant though. Lovely photos, thanks for posting.

  2. Thanks. I won't touch them, but I'll take photos.

  3. Oooh, a white lilac bush!
    Everything looks so lush, and so healthy around you :)

  4. Lilacs are wonderful aren't they? Some can be quite fragrant.

  5. Lilacs are my favorite spring flower. Thanks for the photos!

  6. awesome flowers.



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