09 May 2018

Fleurs sauvages

The adjective sauvages makes it sound like these little blue fleurs are somehow dangerous. Maybe they will attack you.

I noticed a big bank of them growing along the south side of the vineyard when I went out with my camera and the dog yesterday afternoon. The photo above is super-sized. You can enlarge it by clicking on it. The others too...

Maybe somebody can remind me again what these tiny blue flowers are called. By the way, fleurs sauvages just means wildflowers.

Our weather is changing again. We've been enjoying a short-lived heat wave over the past few days.

Now temperatures are supposed to fall again, with lows as low as 5ºC over the next few mornings. That's about 40ºF.


  1. It seems to me these little blue flowers are mouron bleu, a variety of Anagallis. There is also mouron rouge and mouron blanc.

  2. That's quite a variety of temperatures. I was going to guess the flowers are wild flax. I guess if you're going to be attacked, flowers are the way to go.

  3. The blue flowers are called véroniques in French. Walt remembered. Here's the Wikipédia article.


  4. Pretty little savages, aren't they ? :)

  5. Véronique Petit-chêne (Veronica Chamaedrys).


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