01 July 2014

Life revolves around...

...grapes. Here in Saint-Aignan, it does, anyway. We eat grapes and grape leaves. We drink wines made from the grapes, and we cook with wine nearly every day. We use wine vinegar in our salad dressings. And every day we go walking among the grapes and vines with the dog.

We also take pictures of vines and grapes. On that subject, I was surprised yesterday to find bunches of grapes this big out in the Renaudière vineyard. I was walking down a row I usually don't walk through. Until yesterday, in other places around the vineyard, I had seen only minuscule grapes in tiny bunches.

These grapes are, unless I'm mistaken, red wine grapes — or they will be in a couple of months. They are still aren't full grown or even close to ripe, but then it's only July 1.


  1. Holy cow! They're huge for this time of year!!

  2. don'tcha just wanna pick and eat them? :)

    1. Wine grapes are pretty sour, even when they are ripe, but especially right now.

  3. My little grape tomatoes look like this right now, too :) (well... the clumps are far smaller ;)

  4. Just East or West grapes everywhere.... amazing situation


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