17 July 2014

And visions of vegetables...

...dance in my head. Carrots. Onions. Zucchini. Red bell peppers. Shitake mushrooms. Bean sprouts. Cherry tomatoes. Cilantro.

 A recent lunch of vegetables and shrimp in a coconut milk curry sauce

Tomorrow, I will eat vegetables again. Or this evening, if it all goes according to my expectations. Last time, the staff at the hospital brought me a big plate of salad an hour or two after the exam was done. It won't be a Thai curry like the one shown above, but it will be vegetables.


  1. Good luck with the procedure.

  2. Kenit it looks deliciuos.but eating every day it is not nice.

    1. I'm sure Walt will have a wonderful veg-filled meal waiting for you at home.

  3. I hope all goes well Ken!

  4. Good luck with the procedure ( they do give you a local anaesthesia if it is uncomfortable, don't they? ) and everything is clear.
    Enjoy your meal tonight :-)

  5. I'm hoping all went well and that a great veggie mail was waiting for you when you got home!

  6. From my viewpoint, everything will ABSOLUTELY go well! You guys eat locally produced, fiber-rich foods in a very diversified way so how could anything go wrong? That is how the nutritionists have been telling us to eat and you are doing just that. Enjoy getting back to normal!

    Mary in Oregon

  7. It's done and the preliminary report is I'm okay. I have to see the doctor again in a few weeks, but he told me : pas d'inquiétude.

  8. Good news, great! Now on to a weekend full of joy, lovely company and many, many of the things that were forbidden over the last 3 days! ;-)

  9. Enjoy those veggies and fruits Ken!


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