05 July 2014

Changement de programme

Il faut savoir s'adapter... You have to be flexible. We ended up changing our plans yesterday morning because of the weather. No, we didn't have a hurricane, but we had predictions of rainy and even stormy weather all day.

It didn't make sense to drive three hours round-trip over to Bourges for lunch. The whole idea was to be able to walk around the old town in the afternoon before driving back to Saint-Aignan. We couldn't see ourselves doing that in the rain. Early in the day it was already raining — it's raining this morning too — and weather reports said it was only going to get worse over the course of the day.

My main course at the Agnès Sorel restaurant yesterday was a chicken breast in a mustardy tarragon sauce. Delicious.

At 7:30 a.m. I made an executive decision. We would go to Genillé and have lunch at the Agnès Sorel instead of driving all the way to Bourges and taking a chance on a restaurant where we've never had a meal before. Peter had expressed a desire to try the Agnès Sorel, which is only a 30-minute drive from our house, and we know the food is very good and pretty affordable.

 Jill, Peter, and Walt all had fish for lunch — a filet de daurade on a bed of diced eggplant and zucchini.

So we had a delicious lunch and then we went shopping. We bought several things but mainly we spent a lot of time just looking around and we got food for lunch today and tomorrow, which we plan to make here at home. Of course, plans can change. Peter and Jill are here today and tomorrow, and then they leave early Monday for England. We're playing it by ear.

As to hurricanes, all's well that ends well. See my comment on yesterday's blog post.


  1. Well, that certainly looks like a successful food adventure :)

    (Cheryl, are you having the same problem that I have been having, with commenting? I have to be already logged in to my Google Account for my comment to "take".... so, I have to type my comment, then select it and copy it, then click "publish" to sign in, then paste my comment in and publish again.)

  2. Bonjour, Ken. De très belles photos des plats. Voici une bonne critique du resto du Guide Michelin: "Au 15es. , Genillé abrita les amours illégitimes de Charles VII et de la belle Agnès Sorel. Joli hommage rendu à la favorite du roi dans ce restaurant où la cuisine traditionnelle séduit le coeur - et les papilles - des gourmands."
    Pas mal comme «changement de programme».

  3. Once again these plates at Genillé are almost too much of a picture to eat....
    fish or fowl, there seems little choice but to get mental juices flowing...
    before you've even put fork to plate!!
    The Michelin review does it proud too!


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