09 July 2014

Le jardin potager en juillet 2014

Even though the weather is crummy right now, considering that we are approaching the middle of the month of July, the vegetable garden is looking beautiful. We had enough warm weather last week to spur it on, and the dampness of the weather seems to be doing the plants good. Everything is vert vert vert. Today's weather looks pretty nasty, by the way.

Le jardin vu à travers un rideau de petits artichauts — the garden throught a curtain of little artichokes

If we get a few more sunny, warm days this month and next, 2014 may be a banner year for the vegetable garden.

Tomato plants — quite a few of them, of several varieties

I don't take a lot of credit for the garden, especially this year. All I have done is the tilling. Walt has grown plants from seed, decided where to plant them, put them in the ground, and watered and weeded for weeks now. My job is just to make lunch. I hope to be cooking soon with tomatoes, eggplants, corn, beans, chard, and cucumbers that we've got growing.


  1. Ken your garden looks nice especially tomatoes which are knee high and what's more veggies from own garden are fresh and healthy.

  2. great work! could you talk more about the teepee structure on the right? is that for beans? also here is our version of traditional greens (not collards but close). so glad you enjoyed that program about the Chef and the Farmer.:

  3. As I posted to Walt yesterday, the garden is just beautiful. Thank you for the fotos.

  4. You guys really know how to garden and share the workload! Banner Year Ahead!!!

    Mary in OR

  5. I used to do a lot more of the gardening, but my job has grown more and more demanding in the late spring/summer, so Mitch does most of it. Like you, I do more of the cooking and enjoy making food from the garden.


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