13 July 2014


I have to go on a special diet this week. It's for medical reasons. The diet lasts only three days. I'll be able to return to my normal diet on Friday.

Here's the diet, as prescribed by my doctor:

In case you don't read French, here's the translation:


Allowed foods
  • Grilled meats, roasts, ham, offal (liver, brain, kidneys)
  • Grilled or poached fish
  • Eggs other than fried
  • Rice, pasta, semolina (couscous), flour, tapioca, cornstarch
  • Clear broth with no added vegetables, vermicelli
  • Fruit syrups, fruit juices without pulp, fruit jellies, applesauce, quince puree
  • Hard cheeses (Saint Nectaire, Cantal, Gruyere)
  • Melba toast, uncooked butter or oil

Foods to avoid
  • Fried meats, fried fish
  • Vegetables, whether raw or cooked
  • Fruit, whether raw or cooked
  • Milk, dairy products, soft cheeses
  • Bread

As it happens, the bread lady is on vacation this coming week, so I won't have to worry about that last forbidden food. I think I'll make it through the week. I think the diet is very interesting. Any of you have a colonoscopy recently? Did you have to go on a similar diet?


  1. My mother recently had one recently and here you have to drink some foul stuff beginning the day before. This is an interesting and perhaps better alternative, I guess.

  2. Ken, your diet is varied and fantastic. I believe this diet is good for anybody who wants to be in a good shape.

  3. Had one years ago when they thought I might have had Crohn's disease [I didn't; just picked up some nasty bug in Mexico on a conference visit]. Mine was done via the lower end. I didn't find it that bad. Like Andrew's mother they gave some ultra disgusting stuff to drink which worked like drain cleaner. Diet you have sounds much kinder to the system.

  4. I don't think the diet is very healthy as fruit and vegetables are not allowed. But it serves its purpose and is therefore so much better than drinking the foul stuff Andrew is referring to, As it's only for a few days, I guess it won't do any harm. And when it's over, you can go on enjoying the fresh veggies from your garden, which by the way looks very lush and green!

  5. All : I do have to drink the 'strange brew'; the diet doesn't replace that wonderful part of the process. But the doctor told me that now you just dissolve a powder in 150 ml (less than a cup), drink that down, and then drink two liters of whatever liquid you choose. Now don't go assumig you know what liquid I will choose... ;^)

  6. Have your drink of choice -- no, I'm not assuming ;-) - to hand and be ready for the nasty stuff to work fast....

  7. Ken, one cup of the nasty stuff sounds ever so much better than the huge jug we still seem to have to do here.....really the whole reason I am avoiding having another.....so I need to ask if we have something similar available here.....I keep hoping u can just swallow a mini camera & be done with it

  8. I haven't done the diet prep, but the liquids are the usual for me. The two liters need to be a light liquid I think.

  9. Melinda, wouldn't that camera be great!

  10. Evelyn, I figure some limonade and maybe some water and then a little white wine will be just what the doctor ordered.

  11. Well, I have had just l colonoscopy and after having watched my Father (at 80 + a few years back) have no problem drinking that "stuff" when it was my turn -- I started in and didn't find it all that disgusting at all. The problem I had been expecting was to feel really hungry since I could not eat anything after 10 pm the previous day and then arrive at the office the next morning at 7:30 for the test. I had no feelings of weakness, nor hunger pains. My test was routine, I awoke feeling fine, not ravenous and thank goodness the facility had something for me to digest and drink right away as I recall. So, think positive, I drank the solution in increments - a certain quantity every 30 minutes. A piece of cake... although none of my friends agree with me (!)

    Mary in Oregon

    1. Mary, I don't have to drink large quantities of the prep liquid, just a little more than half a cup. Then I can drink what I want. I can eat only a biscotte and a cup of coffee or tea before 9 a.m. the day of the procedure. I'll go in between 11 and 1 and be examined sometime during the afternoon.

  12. You have probably seen Dave Barry's column about his colonoscopy, but on the outside chance you have not, you will probably enjoy it.

  13. Margaret, thanks for the link to the Dave Barry account of his coloscopie experience. I'm pretty sure I had read it before, but I still had a good laugh reading it again. Everybody: read it!

  14. Yes, had one recently, it wasn't fun as I reacted to the prep. But my diet was altered 3 days prior, mostly white breads, chicken, clear soups etc. I have to have them regularly, next time I will be asking for a different prep :(


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