16 July 2014

Deux couchers de soleil

Summer is back, and none too soon. Last year we had a spell of warm-verging-on-hot weather that lasted from July 1 until mid-September. This year, we are just coming out of a July cold snap with rainy days that lasted from July 4 to July 14. It's finally over.

Two shots of yesterday's sunset over the vineyard

It's nice to have to wear not much more than a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. It's nice to have the pretty sunrises and sunsets back again. It's nice to be able to sit out on the terrace in the afternoon and evening. Around here, we love summer.

 Another recent but very different sunset from the same vantage point

The vegetable garden is soaking up the sunshine. All the plants are well-watered for the time being, because we've had a lot of rain — 40 mm / 1½ in. — since July 4. The high temperature around here is supposed to be about 86ºF / 30ºC this afternoon. En été, mieux vaut suer que trembler... (In summertime, it's better to sweat than to shiver.)


  1. Ken, you are right "it's better sweat than to shiver. Vineyard looks nice. I am waiting for photos of ripe grapes.

  2. Beautiful photos. The plus having had so much rain is that everything is just so green. Not so much here where we are getting desperate for rain.

  3. I've been out of town for a few days, but am caught up now on your posts :) Such wonderful photos today! I had heard from a friend's friend that it has been cold and rainy in Paris, so I'm glad you're having your sunshine now.
    Hope the diet and procedure are over with soon. I remember Walt telling us about a chart they gave him for doing a very thorough self-scrubbing the morning of :) Don't know if yours is the same procedure, but I imagine you'll be scrubbing, anyway!

  4. Hooray for beautiful sunsets! Hooray for sunshine and not rain! We're still having 90 degrees F. + here, so I'm not feeling nearly so excited for your high temps but after all of those rainy days you are probably eager for them! Enjoy!

    Mary in Oregon

  5. And as fast as your garden grows, les mauvaises herbes grow faster! Lovely pictures. This morning's mist gave a surreal touch to the sunrise too. P.


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